Project Background
  • The National Tennis Center is the venue of the China Open Tennis tournament. It is the largest tennis venue in the country and has become a new postcard landmark of the capital.
  • In 2016, Ruijie Networks conducted a full IT upgrade for the National Tennis Center, using the industry’s first “micro honeycomb” deployment method to provide for the wireless Internet access demands of thousands of spectators at the venue.
  • Dual deployment of 2 RG-N18000 as cores of the entire network, meeting the connection requirements of thousands of users.
  • Indoor AP installations in player areas and media areas are scenario-based to meet the mobile Internet demands of players and the demands of various media personnel in communications and the broadcasting of live match information.
  • Seating areas are deployed with 300 APs using the industry’s first “micro honeycomb” scenario-based deployment method, meeting the mobile Internet application requirements of fans in their real-time sharing of match information, interaction, entertainment, shopping, etc.
Customer Value
  • Ease of planning and installation that does not affect the design of the venue: Indoor APs were installed using suction methods, while “micro honeycomb” deployment uses adhesives applied below seats. These offer ease of implementation and do not take a long time.
  • One-time authentication, full-network roaming, high-speed Internet access without loss of connection, all of which enhance the Internet experience of fans.
  • Rapid network deployment with high usability, ensuring the transmission and broadcast of national open tennis matches; positive feedback from various media outlets.