Project Background
  • The annual Tencent Global Partner Conference is one event that points the direction that the Internet industry is heading.
  • The 2016 conference saw higher requirements again, and Ruijie Networks once again demonstrated its technological edge in its innovative, scenario-based solutions. The “high-density, high-concurrency, high-bandwidth” application demands presented by the conference were met. 13,000 participants of the event were provided with clean, unobstructed wireless access to the Internet.
  • Focusing on the three major requirements of the conference (“high-density, high-concurrency, high-bandwidth”), Ruijie Networks used 155 units of high-performance, scenario-based 802.11ac RG-AP520 to provide full coverage of the venue. To ensure the best user experience of data forwarding, security authentication and gateway application, Ruijie also deployed the RG-WS6812 high-performance wireless controller, RG-N18000 (Newton) cloud network core switch series, and the next-gen all-in-one RG-EG2000XE as the Internet gateway to ensure the best experience for internal data transmission, security authentication and gateway applications.
  • The latest smart WIS (WLAN Intelligent Service) system was deployed, which could carry out optimization of channels, power, speed and other key parameters automatically through “one-click optimization”.
Customer Value
  • Using the innovative, scenario-based “micro honeycomb” AP deployment method, the numerous conference participants were provided with Internet connections for the use of Weibo, WeChat, scoring apps for the banquet, image uploads, interactive games, downloading and other purposes. It also supported the concurrent usage of WeChat Shake by the entire audience, live-streaming of popular Internet celebrities, and the high data and concurrency demands of the audience at back rows to access videos via Wi-Fi. The showcasing of Tencent’s lineup of star products based on mobile Internet was flawlessly carried out.