Project Background
  • There are 10 existing lines in Guangzhou Metro system with a total length of 309 kilometers, which ranks No.3 in China and top 10 worldwide. The average passenger flow is over 6.8 million and the maximum reaches 9 million. It tops all the passenger flows nationwide. Guangzhou Metro has always held the idea of providing "secure, punctual, quick and convenient" services, aiming to let passengers enjoy safe and high-quality transportation services. Thus, there is a very high demand for the capability of providing a backbone bandwidth for the passenger Internet system and offering services to huge amount of parallel users, and the scalability of the system for future development. The construction of Guangzhou Metro network has to satisfy the requirement of millions of parallel users. Meanwhile, considering the demands for energy economy and efficient operation, multiple business convergence has become an essential requirement for the development of Guangzhou Metro.
  • Ruijie's solution for multiple and comprehensive metro business has built a 100 Gigabit wire and wireless backbone network for Guangzhou Metro that can cover the whole scenario. The network is able to provide a wireless wideband link of over 400Mbps for a train that is running at the speed of 120km/h.
  • This solution will transmit and certify the plane separation, providing more reliable system services and more flexible and scalable system architectures. Based on the business requirements, the owner can divide the network into multiple secure and reliable links with different bandwidths and priorities for passenger Internet system, passenger info system and other production operations.
  • The solution can provide and ensure a variety of network channels with different service levels and features for the high-volume requirement of building Internet services for millions of parallel users; for the high-performance requirement of realizing an extremely low latency of millisecond for the 100M bandwidth of the passenger info system; and for the requirement of covering a  no-blind-corner network for the whole scenario of the production and operation business, to truly build a comprehensive network that can provide secure and efficient business support for multiple areas.
Customer Value
  • Guangzhou Metro has fully met the requirements of the passenger Internet services and the passenger info system business, and provided a secure and reliable network data channel support for the management of metro energy, the patrols on daily operation and the scientific projects for national labs.