Project Background
  • Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is one of the busiest airports of the areas along China's southeast coast. Its rank in global passenger throughput is constantly increasing. Building a smart airport can help Iport Group, one aspect of whose major business is Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, get through the industrial chains, forming a closed loop of consumption after the passengers entering and leaving the airport. Thus, the signal of the Wi-Fi network needs to be great. Roaming management, quick access certification and well-controlled security are also essential.
  • In 2015, Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport adopted Ruijie's Smart Airport Solutions for the Wi-Fi network coverage of Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 (T3 & T4), aiming to let passengers enjoy a more convenient, efficient and intelligent travelling experience.
  • Combining the stream of people in each scenario and the features of application, Ruijie used a composition of products such as RG-AP320-I and X-Sense antennas matrix architecture to improve the coverage of Wi-Fi network, the capability of data processing and the speed of bandwidth, eliminating the blind corner of the signals and providing better services for accessing the Internet for passengers.
  • During the construction of the Smart Airport project, Ruijie's MCP wireless marketing platform enabled a precisely customized marketing for users accessing the Wi-Fi network. Ruijie Business Intelligence Analysis System (RBIS), the precise location system and the data analysis platform can locate the users who are accessing the Wi-Fi services and implement data analyses.
Customer Value
  • Ruijie's Smart Airport Solutions help Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport streamline, modernize and upgrade the process for the public and business services so that it can provide rich and considerate internal services for the passengers.