Project Background
  • With operating lines stretching for a total of 617 KMs and service 366 stations , the Shanghai Metro’s total operation mileage and scale are one of the highest in the world. Peak traffic volume exceeds 10 million in a single day. It is definitely a monumental challenge to create a system that provides wireless access service in metro stations for passengers traveling inside the train.
  • Urban rail transit has now come to the era when trains travel at 120kph. The types and number of services offered by the rail transit system continues to increase. Switching delay, packet loss rate and bandwidth stability in the train zone will be major factors that the subway’s system must face when transmitting data.
  • To achieve the above construction objectives, Ruijie first utilized 802.11ac technology to provide high-performance car floor bandwidth.
  • In this solution, Ruijie's patented "quick roaming switcher" technology achieves rapid switchover between ms-class cars, ensuring zero data or packet loss during switching.
Customer Value
  • Ruije’s network for the Shanghai Metro successfully provided coverage for more than 600 trains and a total mileage of 617KMs (as of the end of 2015). Taking into account the back and forth journey, wireless coverage distance for this project exceeds 1000KMs.
  • The project finally delivered a dynamic bandwidth of over 600Mbps, providing passengers with high quality video internet access. While ensuring efficient rail transit, the project continues to bring passengers an excellent travel experience.