Project Background
  • Dorsett Hospitality International, established in January 2007, is a subsidiary of Far East Consortium International Limited, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2010. It is an international hotel and hospitality organization with over 30 hotels in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.
  • The existing Wi-Fi networks had poor Wi-Fi coverage and Dorsett had received complaints about the poor network connection from customers staying in their hotels. High investment cost will be required if traditional APs are installed in every guest room and the large number of APs will also be difficult to manage. Dorsett consulted Ruijie for a solution that reduces investment cost as well as simplifies the management of the large number of APs. 
  • This project focuses on building guest Wi-Fi networks for three Dorsett hotels in Hong Kong, one in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and one in Chengdu, China. Its aim is to provide memorable experience to customers with excellent hotel operations and services. 
  • Ruijie Wall APs are installed inside every guest room to provide full Wi-Fi Coverage. As of November 2017, around 1000 Ruijie AP130 Wall AP Series were deployed, providing guests with excellent Wi-Fi signal and network connection from any part of the guest room.
  • The design of AP130 Wall AP Series is tailor-made for 5-star hotels. With an extensive choice of replaceable cover plates (gold, white, black and silver) to accommodate various interior design styles and the non-luminous AP design which will not affect the sleep of the guests, Ruijie provides seamless connection to Dorsett hotel customers with style and comfort.
Customer Value
  • After deployment of the new Wi-Fi network for the project, Dorsett has received no complaints about their hotel’s Wi-Fi coverage. The replaceable cover plates and non-luminous design of the APs perfectly fit in the harmonious hotel environment, providing guests with the ultimate comfort and hospitality service.
  • The solution provides easy and centralized AP management to help streamline IT operation and management.