Project Background:
  • Sun Yat-sen University is a national key university of the "Project 985" and "Project 211". Its campus network covers 4 campuses with 74,213 network information sites.
  • Under the requirements of the new teaching mode, Sun Yat-sen University hopes to build an "operational and high-qualified" wireless network in eastern student dormitory in the South Campus.
  • Ruijie Networks "i-Share+" and WIS system use far lower cost than the traditional solutions to build the most intelligent wireless network, with its functions such as wireless network automation, intelligence, and fault intelligent diagnosis, self-healing being fully recognized by the school.
  • Ruijie deploys i-Share+ Mini AP (RG-MAP552) and Master AP (RG-AM5528) according to the number of dormitories in each building. The Master AP connects to the switch of this building, and each building switch connects to the convergence gateway through Gigabit single-mode optical fiber.
Customer Value:
  • "i-Share" solution solves the problem of wireless signal quality caused by multiple dormitories and multiple corners, and enhances the online experience of teachers and students in an all-round way.
  • WIS system and the three modules including intelligent network optimization tools, problem identification system, experience visual platform optimized the basic network and solved the problem of visualized dormitory network operations.