Project Background:
  • As one of the key universities of Project 211 and Project 985, Wuhan University, directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education, has up to 60,000 full-time students (over 50,000) and faculty members.
  • In order to offer better services to the teachers and students, Wuhan University started the large-scale construction of dormitory Wi-Fi networks as well as the integration of campus networks, dormitory networks and existing authentication and accounting systems in 2015.
  • The construction of the dormitory Wi-Fi networks of Wuhan University requires deep integration of the original three authentication and accounting systems into one system for unified management. At the same time, top-level design requirement is put forward for the original network architecture, so that integrated and easy management of the wired and wireless networks can be achieved with a simple, open, compatible, and superior network architecture.
  • "Simplistic Network" solution put forward by Ruijie Networks uses the high-performance RG-N18010 switch for centralized authentication. With the flat network design and Ruijie’s unique portal noise reduction technology, teachers and students only need one-time second authentication to access the high-speed campus network in a secure way. At present, the wired and wireless networks allow more than 30,000 concurrent users.
  • The school only needs to manage one authentication and accounting system and one RG-N18010 switch to realize the access authentication of all wired and wireless networks. The maintenance work has been reduced completely by “Simplistic Network".
Customer Value:
  • With full coverage, rapid log-in as well as convenient and smooth usage, “Simplistic Network" has successfully eased the pressure of network operation and maintenance, improved users’ Internet usage experience, and really reflected the beauty of Wuhan University with the integration of historical heritage and modern information technology.