Project Background:
  • Tsinghua University is one of the most famous and time-honored academic institutions in China.
  • The information center has developed and put into operation nearly 100 school-level IT application systems, supporting IT work and life of more than 50,000 students and teachers in the campus.
  • Besides R&D, there is a maintenance team of more than 30 members in the information center, which undertakes the development, maintenance and support services of important business systems. Relevant operation and maintenance services and works need to be managed through one system platform to change the situation of manual operations, facilitate statistical analysis, and make it easy for personnel workload statistics and performance appraisal. In addition, asset allocation needs to be sorted out to build an accurate and unified asset allocation management library and thus enable the life-cycle management.
  • With Ruijie’s simplistic operation and maintenance solution, Tsinghua University effectively integrates the self-service desk and event management module into the existing work modes of the computing center. On one hand, problems submitted by users can be tracked to ensure the transfer and handling of work orders; on the other hand, sharing of information and knowledge can be realized to significantly improve the image of the computing center and make the internal workflow run in a more smooth way. With the project management in RG-RIIL system, everyone's duties are well organized, thus ensuring that the works of welcoming new students can proceed smoothly.
Customer Value: 
  • Upon implementation of the project, the work modes of the computing center are effectively integrated and the efficiency of internal workflow is improved, which ensures the smooth and orderly performing of all tasks. In addition to integration of maintenance processes for users, the project also has powerful configuration display function to substantially improve maintenance with clear business management relationship.