Customer Profile
Home Inn is the largest brand among the boutique hotels in China and currently has more than 2,800 hotels in 350 cities across the country. It gives a warm and convenient accommodation experience for business and leisure travelers through standardized, neat and comfortable hotel accommodation services.
Customer Requirements
  • Deploy a wireless network for the hotel to achieve full wireless coverage of the guest rooms.
  • It must be a well-known brand, which can provide enterprise-class quality, stable and reliable product performance, as well as guaranteed after-sale service.
  • Convenient as well as easy to manage and optimize, ensuring the network experience.
Results and Network Experience
i. AP Deployment
ii. Server Room
iii. Corridor Implementation
iv. Guest Room Signal Strength
v. Network Quality
vi. Ping DNS
vii. Network Speed Test
Customer Reviews
The guest room network of Home Inn has achieved better results than expected. The Wi-Fi experience has gained praise from customers. After deployment, the network has achieved full coverage, layer 2 roaming, high signal strength, and stable Wi-Fi network access.