Project Background:
  • Gehua cloud platform is one of the first radio and television cloud platforms in China. In 2014, Gehua mapped out the strategy of omnimedia integration cloud platform. Within this strategy, omnimedia integration cloud platform infrastructure (IaaS) is planned; a self-improving radio and television omnimedia cloud ecosystem (SaaS) is to be built around Gehua omnimedia integration cloud platform (PaaS) by leveraging various resources.
  • Ruijie Networks constructs 4 cloud platform data centers, with 2 high-end Newton 18010 core switches deployed at the core. While at the edge, two RG-S6220 10-Gigabit TOR switches and one RG-S6000 switch are deployed to form a business unit. With VSU technology, two 10-Gigabit TOR switches are virtualized into a logical switch for the connection with 10-Gigabit port of the business server. In addition, one RG-S6000 TOR gigabit access switch is deployed to connect to the management port of the server.
  • Software-defined network (SDN) service chain technology enables data flow to go between servers as the security strategy of the cloud management platform required, making the data flow pass through corresponding firewalls, WAFs and other security devices.
Customer Value:
  • The innovative implementation of SDN security resource pooling solution enables better flow of business data from Gehua cloud platform, and makes sure it pass through security devices according to rules defined by security strategy, thus escorting radio and television cloud platform businesses.