Changchun Foreign Languages School, one of seven foreign language schools established in China in 1963 under the direction of Premier Zhou, is the only foreign language school in Northeastern China to be put on record by the Ministry of Education. As a critical provincial level middle school in Jilin, Changchun Foreign Languages School takes proactive measures to promote quality education while consistently advancing curriculum reform, which has led to outstanding achievements. Every year, there are more than 100 exceptional graduates recommended for admission into China’s top universities.
Ruijie’s Cloud Class played an important role in the school’s curriculum reform. At present, a total of 3 computer rooms have adopted Cloud Class, each of which is fully engaged with classes every week. According to feedback from school users, Cloud Class allows the school to save a lot of time and effort on operation and maintenance, giving teachers more time to carry out teaching activities. With Cloud Class, teachers are able to interact with students in a more effective way, so as to better understand students' learning progress.
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance
With Ruijie’s Cloud Class, it’s much easier to operate and maintain the school’s computer rooms. In the past, teachers frequently grew frustrated with the failure to transfer software for installation over the network, which often led the computer to display a blue screen, despite multiple attempts. Keyboards and mice were likely to function poorly after slight use. In this situation, teachers usually went under the desk to make repairs, which was a huge hassle. However, all of the devices have been set up on the desktop today, conserving a lot of space for students. Teachers can launch course images stored on the host in the class with a simple click. The former blue screen issues are a thing of the past. 
  • Better Organization for Examinations
The school holds 5 major examinations every spring semester. In the past, the computer rooms were closed for at least 3 weeks during these exams, delaying teaching progress. Today, the only preparatory work required is taking 5 images in advance. Once these are in place, teachers can simply launch them in examinations, greatly alleviating the burden of teachers without disrupting teaching progress. At present, all of the computer rooms are available 24 hours a day and highly stable. Any issues the computer rooms encounter can be quickly addressed, and they can be easily managed by a single admin. 
  • More Visibility to the Class
Ruijie’s Cloud Class makes it easier to carry out teaching activities. Before a class, teachers can use digital roll calling to quickly check student attendance. During the review or practice stage, with Cloud Class, teachers are able to hand out tests to students, then immediately view the results for each question after students finish it. This makes it easier for teachers to find out how thoroughly the students grasp class material. After that, teachers can focus on explaining learning points with higher error rates, ensuring that all of the students truly master critical course content. 
  • Outstanding Teaching Results 
Usually, a student-centric approach is applied in class. IT technology is more effective for mission-driven teaching methods. With Cloud Class, teachers assign practical tasks to students and then grade the submissions directly from every student, while providing timely feedback to students if any problems are encountered. Teachers can also share any outstanding work with students to facilitate the exchange of creative ideas among peers and arouse students' interest in study. At the end of every semester teachers can export the daily performance records of every student. Every part of the teaching process is simplified.
Since the deployment two years ago, Ruijie’s Cloud Class has proven to be a convenient teaching product. Today, the teachers are accustomed to using Cloud Class to manage students and organize classes. With future software upgrades, it will bring even more exciting features to the classroom.