At the 2018 Computing Conference in Shenzhen, Alibaba announced its latest developments in Internet of Things and shared its vision to build an intelligently connected world. Ruijie was awarded the hardware compatibility certification by Alibaba Cloud at the ceremony and officially became a hardware certified partner of Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack, joining its industry alliance. Both parties will jointly work together to provide customers with cloud services based on the Alibaba cloud computing platform and promote the development of the cloud ecosystem.  
Ruijie was awarded the hardware compatibility certification by Alibaba Cloud
As a leading ICT solution supplier in China, Ruijie has been involved in the construction of Alibaba cloud computing data center since 2016, and first launched several 25G/100G data center switches for Alibaba’s network architecture at the 2017 Computing Conference in Hangzhou. Currently, Ruijie’s products including RG-N18000-X series core switches and RG-S6220-H series 10G switches are deployed in several Alibaba data center clusters. 
The hardware compatibility certification of Ruijie and Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack includes core, aggregation, access and gateway devices for various scenarios, thereby achieving full adaptation and integration of the network equipment and cloud services to provide customers with an open, centralized, and trusted cloud data center.
The products which received the compatibility certification include Ruijie’s 2 flagship switches:
RG-N18000-X Series Core Switches
The RG-N18000-X Series is the 100T zero-backplane data center core switch launched by Ruijie in 2015, providing efficient and stable switching services, as well as sustainable and smooth network upgrades in the next decade. In addition, the advanced CLOS direct orthogonal switching architecture enables the device to support the maximum switching capacity of 178T per chassis and the maximum forwarding capacity of 3.6T per slot.  
RG-N18000-X Series Core Switches
RG-S6220-H Series Cloud Computing Switches
Ruijie’s RG-S6220-H Series Switches are the 10G cloud computing data center switches with VXLAN support. This switch series adopts the industry-leading VSU 2.0 virtualization technology to virtualize multiple physical devices into one logical device, significantly simplifying the network structure and improving the reliability of the devices. 
RG-S6220-H Series Cloud Computing Switches
Ruijie has been committed to the industry and conducted in-depth application scenario analysis to design and innovate products and solutions, providing network products and total solutions for users in various industries. 
Based on the characteristics of data centers and business requirements in various industries, Ruijie provides simplistic data center products and solutions with RG-N18000-X Series and RG-N18000 Series Switches as the core, which are zero-backplane core equipment supporting 40G/100G per line card. The ToR switches supporting 25G/10G/1G can be deployed in the Simplistic Architecture Solution under different scenarios, in the Simplistic Cloud Solution under the cloud environments or in the Simplistic Data Center Network Solution with SDN support under the multi-tenant scenarios, thereby meeting the requirements of different customers.
In addition to being widely used in top Internet companies, Ruijie’s core switches have successfully served in various industry scenarios such as wireless cities, large-scale campus networks, urban subways, etc. Ruijie’s switches have provided the best network solutions for thousands of high-end customers, including the 4 major state-owned banks, 26 of the top 100 hospitals, 21 national ministries, 51 universities in Project 985/211 and the top 500 manufacturing enterprises.