The annual Global Internet Technology Conference (GITC) is the largest and most resource-intensive technology summit in China. The number of participants attending GITC 2015 had reached a new high. Nearly 200 technology leaders and more than 500 leading companies attended the conference, bringing the total number of participants to more than 13,000. As the wireless network service provider of GITC 2015, Ruijie, with its mature service experience provided high-quality Wi-Fi for the conference and received high recognition from both organizer and participants.
2015 Global Internet Technology Conference
48-hour Mission
Ruijie is experienced in providing event Wi-Fi for more than 13,000 participants with previous success cases like “2015 Hangzhou Computing Conference” and “2016 Suning Summer”. GITC 2015 should not be a challenge but the wireless technical team only had 3 days to deploy the setup before the conference started.
Facing a new environment, the engineers needed to redeploy all network cables and optical fibers of a three-floor building which contained a total of 104 APs, 12 electrical distribution rooms and 1 server room. Just the equipment unboxing, moving equipment to the venue, wiring and electricity setup already required a whole day. The construction process was further delayed due to the need to coordinate with the overall layout plan of the conference, leaving little time for testing and optimization of the wireless network. Nevertheless, the highly skilled team with their careful planning, strong principles, flexibility and powerful equipment raced against time to finally overcome the various difficulties, and completed the AP deployment and optimization within 48 hours.
Dedication to Optimizing the Deployment of Each AP
At 4 a.m. on November 19, the entire deployment of the wireless network was basically done except for the APs located on the 3rd floor corridor of the Beijing National Convention Center. It would have saved a lot of time if the team reduced the number of APs in that area or only deployed the devices without optimization. However, in pursuit of excellence, Ruijie’s team was determined to ensure that every participant could enjoy the ultimate online experience from all directions. So regardless of their exhaustion and tiredness, they insisted on deploying and optimizing each AP. And it was exactly this persistence that prevented the wireless access bottleneck from happening before the start of the conference.
An unexpected situation happened on the first day before the start of the conference. At least a thousand participants formed a long queue from the sign-up area on the ground floor to the main entrance on the 3rd floor. It was the rational planning ahead of time and the persistence to excellence regardless of the extremely short setup time that ensured the unexpected situation did not have any negative impact on the event.
Solving Emergencies in an Orderly Manner
It is not only the GITC 2015 conference, but conferences of all sizes and types can be subjected to changes in the number of attendees and temporary adjustments. This is why WIS, a wireless intelligent system, plays an important role in the conference. Through Ruijie WIS system, engineers were able to monitor the changes of the wireless network access in real time on the first day of the event.
In the afternoon of the first day, as there was no event in the main hall, all the participants crowded into the six sub-halls on the 2nd floor, where meetings were constantly held at different times. As a result, the flow of people on the 2nd floor far exceeded the expectation. On top of that, the host of the event also set up a total of 58 booths in 3 exhibition areas where companies were constantly hosting lucky draws and interactive activities, which led to large amounts of user movements and gathering. There would be hundreds of people surrounding one booth for scanning with WeChat Shake or other WeChat functions. The WIS system immediately discovered that the APs on the 2nd floor had a huge load. To ensure a pleasant user experience, the technical team promptly deployed three more APs into that area. However, this incident was nothing compared to the emergency challenge that occurred on the first night of the conference.
At the night of November 19, the host of the conference suddenly decided to change the main hall into a banquet hall, completely changing the layout and resulting in the removal of previous network setup. Faced with this emergency situation, Ruijie technical team first retrieved all devices from their previous positions and held a meeting to reevaluate the new solution to re-wire, install and test the changed plan. The previous 48-hour deployment challenge would be like the “preliminary” compared to this “final test”. Finally, a quick and simple solution was invented in the middle of the night. At 4am on the 20th, a whole new set of wireless network, which was deployed and optimized according to the venue changes, was re-established to ensure smooth application on the second day of the conference.
Time-saving Product Combinations
Although GITC 2015 was not the largest conference Ruijie served in 2015, the challenges never stopped coming. In the end, the network performance of the event was excellent. Network speed tests at different points of the venue all showed good results, and the network performance was stable throughout the day. Within the conference, the network was functioning at its peak, providing service for 1,930+ concurrent online users on the 20th and an accumulative total of 5,000+ users in 2 days with each single AP serving up to 130 people at a time.
Ruijie adopted the RG-AP520-I into the conference setup. This product not only significantly improves network throughput with 802.11n, 802.11ac, MIMO, implicit beamforming and other technologies, but also supports rich intelligent adjusting mechanisms allowing high-density user access, which includes X-Sense 3rd gen Smart Antenna, fair time scheduling, low-speed end device control, vertical polarization and horizontal polarization antenna arrays, etc. Among them, Ruijie has greatly improved the antenna design especially targeting the 5GHz band, enabling users to fully experience the performance advantages of 802.11ac even at a long distance. It is proven by actual results that the product optimization ensures great user experience. The high-performance end devices can enjoy 11ac high-speed access 94% of the time, demonstrating that X-Sense 3rd gen yields good results on 5G signal optimization.
For high-density wireless network applications, relying on the performance of APs is not enough. At this conference, Ruijie also adopted the RG-N18010 as the core equipment of the unified wired and wireless gateway for the conference network. This core switch can authenticate up to 100,000 concurrent end devices at the speed of 1,000 end devices per second. It also supports strong web noise reduction to ensure no delay of the authentication page. In addition, the RG-2910XS-E PoE switch series acted as access switches to simplify the AP deployment, while WIS was responsible for wireless planning and monitoring, and the next-generation firewall was used as a security resource center, forming a robust wireless network.