From 22nd September to 23rd September, the 2016 Tencent Global Partner Conference was held in Fuzhou under the theme of “Open•Share”, gathering Internet giants, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, IT elites and key opinion leaders from around the globe in Fuzhou Strait International Conference and Exhibition Center. As the network provider of the conference and exhibition center, Ruijie once again demonstrated the technological advantages of its scenario-based innovative wireless solutions by deploying the industry’s most experienced technical team in wireless network optimization to fulfil the “high density, high concurrency and large bandwidth” application requirements for the event, successfully providing smooth wireless access to the Internet for 13,000 concurrent users.
2016 Tencent Global Partner Conference
Demanding Challenges of Accommodating 13,000 Wi-Fi Users 
As one of the highly significant annual events of the Internet industry, the Tencent Global Partner Conference has long been known for its foresights and insights of the Internet industry. Tencent’s top 10 business lines gathered together with the partners to share the latest development and future trends in various fields, allowing global elites to discuss and explore the innovative modern business models under “Internet Plus” and the sharing economy. As Tencent’s flagship products, including WeChat, WeStart, applications, finance, games, could computing, marketing, VR, QQ, location services, etc., have an inseparable connection with cutting-edge and innovative wireless network technologies, the Wi-Fi of the conference venue was in the spotlight, thus providing the highest quality experience was in demand to show the future potential of mobile networking.
Female newscasters live-streaming using venue Wi-Fi
The Wi-Fi network of the conference venue not only had to be robust, stable, high-speed and secure, but also had to meet the requirements of users rating the event on Weibo, WeChat and other Apps as well as regular online activities including uploading photos, playing games and downloads. It also had to support the concurrent usage of WeChat Shake of the entire audience, live-streaming of popular Internet celebrities and video watching via Wi-Fi for the rows at the back, which all demanded high concurrency and high traffic. In such a scenario, it would be challenging even for the experienced Ruijie technical team to construct and set up a Wi-Fi network without disconnection, buffering or slow network speed, thus the mission could not be taken lightly.
Ruijie Experts Resolving the 3 Demanding Challenges
With the determination to build an intelligent Wi-Fi system, a selected group of Ruijie experts conducted a series of planning such as, consultations, solution design, product implementation and optimization, wireless system integration and service support including emergency practices. In order to satisfy the three demands of the Wi-Fi network, which were high density, high concurrency and large bandwidth, Ruijie utilized 155 high-performance RG-AP520 supporting 802.11ac to achieve a ubiquitous coverage of the entire venue. To ensure the best user experience of data forwarding, security authentication and gateway application, Ruijie also deployed the RG-WS6812 high-performance wireless controller, RG-N18000 (Newton) cloud network core switch series, and the next-gen all-in-one RG-EG2000XE as the Internet gateway to ensure the best experience for internal data transmission, security authentication and gateway applications.
On-site support of Ruijie engineers
During the site survey, Ruijie classified the dense conference venue as a high-density wireless scenario. The concurrent usage of 13,000 end devices would easily cause radio frequency interference to the AP deployment. To solve the problem, Ruijie technicians divided the seating plan into different AP groups according to the density of audience in different areas for policy optimization, and implemented the role-based management to ensure the bandwidth of each end device reaching 4M. In order to achieve an effective AP coverage, Ruijie engineers adjusted the power of each AP according to the site layout and thus eliminated the radio frequency interference between AP channels. 
One-click network optimization and real-time monitoring enabled by WIS 
Besides, Ruijie had upgraded all equipment for the Wi-Fi deployment to confront the challenges of this event. Ruijie deployed the latest WIS (WLAN Intelligent Service) system, which could complete the optimization of channels, power, speed and other key parameters automatically through “one-click optimization”. Ruijie also replaced the traditional testing tool with the “Wi-Fi Magic Box”, and conducted a series of tests on the AP integration, speed testing, roaming and other indicators with the help of the WIS App. The new equipment provided high-efficiency data for in-depth network optimization, which would ensure the best wireless experience in the high-density scenario.
High-reliability Wi-Fi Ensured the Spectacular Performance
The Tencent conference, themed as “Open•Share”, covered topics ranging from technology, industry ecosystem to strategy. On the stage, Tencent introduced its latest products and technological innovations, and hundreds of guest speakers sparked the discussions on state-of-the-art technologies, venture capital and sharing economy. Off the stage, many audience actively joined the online interactive activities, and the Internet celebrities communicated with online audience via live broadcast. Behind the curtain, Ruijie Networks had been dedicated to supporting a reliable, fast and smooth Wi-Fi connection.
Ruijie’s Wi-Fi service team
Ruijie Networks is a leading network solution supplier of China, dedicated to developing scenario-based and innovative wireless solutions. Ruijie is responsible for the deployment and maintenance of many significant conference Wi-Fi systems.  Having served “2015 Hangzhou Computing Conference”, “Global Internet Technology Conference”, “2016 Suning Summer” and other important events, Ruijie has accumulated diverse experiences of providing scenario-based solutions and endeavored to improve the user experience. This is why Fuzhou Strait International Conference and Exhibition Center chose Ruijie as its Wi-Fi service provider. Ruijie has not only guaranteed a sparkling performance for the clients, but has also built a bright future for both clients and partners.