"Life is not only about survival, but poetry and distant lands." As people in the Internet era increasingly pursue individuality and freedom of spirit, how should the KTV industry develop? How can the power of the Internet+ age be used to seek for the distant lands that represent hope for the future? On March 25, 2016, the leading brand for data communication solutions in China, Ruijie Networks, joined hands with KTVME to release the industry’s first smart KTV cloud Wi-Fi solution. The solution rapidly resolves problems with current KTV wireless network construction and application, realizes user interaction via WeChat, and delivers precision marketing. It thus combines the KTV and target user groups to provide relevant and personalized services. The solution represents an important direction for the future development of the KTV industry.

Friendly: "Holding Hands" Is Making Friends

In the entertainment service industry, stable and loyal customers is the most important foundation of enterprise development. Making users become the followers of enterprises' WeChat official accounts is a critical step in modern business marketing. Who has the most followers dominates the market. In conventional KTV wireless networks, users have access to Wi-Fi but often have no services from the KTV company. 

The KTVME cloud business Wi-Fi solution uses the Marketing Cloud Platform (MCP) customized by Ruijie. It integrates the Wi-Fi connection via WeChat function. When users connect to a wireless network, they become followers of the KTV official account, enabling the KTV operators to make friends with users. In this way, KTV operators are no longer troubled by the lack of means in attracting followers, making users and KTV operators closer.

Close: Customization Makes the Solution Closer to Scenarios

Ruijie, together with WeChat and KTVME, customizes the solution's core hardware (RG-MA1210-S) for in-depth optimization for the KTV network environment of KTVME. The product allows KTVME members to enjoy services nearby. It provides a Wi-Fi positioning interface and customer flow analysis interface, and accurately controls transmit power. It stops STAs with insufficient RSSI from accessing the network to prevent the STAs from associating with remote APs. The solution supports anti-broadcast, prevention of rogue DHCP servers, anti-ARP spoofing, and prevents disconnections from the AP. The device supports plug and play and can automatically associate with the MACC cloud management platform.

Caring: Better Network Connection and Service Experience Are Provided

KTVs are usually closed dense scenarios. Therefore, problems such as poor signal quality, low network speed, and prone to disconnection frequently occur on the Wi-Fi network. In the mobile Internet era, many users rely heavily on the Internet and WeChat. Network faults degrade experience of many users and put them off going to KTVs. The Managed @ Cloud Center (MACC) customized by Ruijie integrates the WLAN Intelligent Service (WIS) module, which optimizes wireless signals from the RG-MA1210-S and locks the signal frequency. It greatly reduces signal interference and ensures a stable and fast network for every room. It also implements Wi-Fi seamless roaming. STAs do not need to search for networks for authentication and connections, even if users of the STA move between rooms. In addition, the WeChat service window function is another highlight of the smart KTV cloud Wi-Fi solution for enterprises. After users connect to the Wi-Fi network by scanning the QR code on WeChat, a service window is displayed at the top of WeChat. Users can click it to request songs, control the playlist, interact, and so on. It is like having the KTV service embedded into WeChat, giving users ubiquitous personal services.

Considerate: The Solution Drives the Industry to Develop Towards "Distant Lands"

In the entertainment industry, KTV has adapted to the economic transformation of China and currently has much potential. However, KTV operators must keep pace with trends, utilize the Internet+, and understand consumer demands.

In this context, Ruijie's smart KTV cloud solution for enterprises can manage daily services such as device monitoring, configuration management, and software upgrades via the cloud management function, which greatly reduces manpower costs and enhances competitiveness of KTV. More importantly, the solution enables KTV operators to understand consumer requirements and preferences via the wireless network. When users move into the Wi-Fi coverage area, the cloud automatically identifies users' devices, sends them marketing information and promotions, and lets them register for membership online. Enterprises can thus target marketing initiatives and offer personalized services.

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