As a key initiative for Tianjin municipal government to respond to the state's requirements to improve life with IT, the i-Tianjin free Wi-Fi construction project aims to build a wireless city and provide free wireless access services so that IT infrastructure can benefit everyone.

Using a scenario-based solution as the core, i-Tianjin selects APs based on scenarios, such as indoor settled APs, outdoor APs, and wall-mounted APs. It uses the MACC Cloud Platform to manage APs in a unified manner and collect hardware and user data to provide big data support for subsequent marketing and promotions.

The O&M and implementation of i-Tianjin is simple. Devices can be put into service rapidly, device versions can be updated easily in time, substantially enhancing O&M efficiency and reducing management costs.

i-Tianjin relies on more than 8,000 wireless APs to cover Tianjin Binhai International Airport, its CBD, and other areas, and provide people with a high-quality fast wireless network access environment.