The wireless city (Wi-Fi) project for Baoji downtown is an important part of urban informatization and smart city construction in Baoji. It will be hugely beneficial for people’s lives. This project will improve the services in the city, promote economic development, and meet people's information service requirements. The Baoji wireless city construction is the flagship project in Baoji’s smart city construction. Baoji plans to construct the wireless city in the initial phase, covering 16 public areas including stations, squares, and parks, and 210 buses, to meet the normal Internet access requirements of citizens. It will play a leading role in smart city construction.

Based on the business development requirements of Baoji wireless city, Ruijie has applied the next-generation firewall, egress devices, core switches, network buffer devices, cloud computing virtual platform, wireless outdoor APs, wireless bus APs, and other devices to build the integrated wireless network solution. The solution ensures the successful application and subsequent expansion of the Baoji wireless city. It enables user access and authentication, marketing content push, Internet access behavior management and audits, and the like.

By using Ruijie's integrated wireless solution, Baoji has smoothly implemented the wireless coverage of public areas in the city. In public areas, people can access wireless networks using their mobile devices, and enjoy high-speed and smooth Internet access experience. The network security and OAM features of Ruijie's integrated wireless solution ensure that wireless network users can use wireless networks legally, and maintenance personnel can rapidly and effectively conduct network maintenance and management. The construction of an urban basic wireless network platform offers a good basic data forwarding platform for smart Baoji, and provides strong basic network guarantee for subsequent smart city construction.