To construct the broadband network required by the State Council and provincial government and adhere to the spirit of Opinions of the People's Government of Hefei on Accelerating "Broadband Hefei" Construction and Promoting Data Consumption, the Economic and Information Commission of Hefei has formulated Action Plan on Accelerating and Promoting WLAN Construction in Public Areas in Hefei (2015-2017).

Customer focuses on wireless network construction:

  • Aesthetic deployment of outdoor APs: High aesthetic requirements are imposed on AP deployment in outdoor urban areas, especially in parks, scenic spots, and transportation hubs.
  • Flexibility of wireless networking: The large-scale restructuring of parks, scenic spots, cultural relic sites, and other places is not permitted.
  • Complexity of device installation and implementation: The construction party needs multiple construction teams to work on site due to the tight schedule. However, the skills of the construction teams are varied. In addition, conventional outdoor APs need multiple complex components. How can the construction progress and success be ensured in such cases?

Ruijie wireless city products and solutions fully meet customer requirements for wireless city construction:

  • Ruijie uses the stylish RG-AP630 series as outdoor APs with built-in antennas and lightning protection. No extra measures are required to make the area more attractive and no additional components are needed. The implementation and in-service efficiency are high-quality, meeting aesthetic and progress requirements for wireless city construction.
  • The hierarchical bridging function of Ruijie outdoor APs, especially their point-to-multipoint bridging function, achieve wireless coverage in special areas such as parks and historical cultural relic sites, reducing construction difficulties and costs.

After wireless city coverage is completed in Baohe District of Hefei:

  • Free Internet will be available for the government and citizens: The convenient, secure, and stable "wireless Hefei" Wi-Fi network provides free Internet access services and meets the requirements of the government and citizens for mobile Internet access.
  • Urban information services: The Wi-Fi portal application provides data sharing services for the city, such as e-government, convenience services, information queries, and e-commerce. Information about government affairs, businesses, livelihood, consumption, etc is actively pushed to the government and citizens.
  • Improvement of the government's management level: The Wi-Fi platform collects, analyzes, mines, and outputs valuable information, and generates functional views to provide data support for interaction between the government and citizens. It also helps the government make urban management decisions and provides a database for upgrading industry in the district.