In Robinson Crusoe, the protagonist lost his connection with the outside world and lived a primitive life alone on an isolated island. In the mobile Internet era, people who are accustomed to constantly keeping in touch with the outside have to endure zero network access when traveling at sea. In the vast sea, people on the isolated information island seem to be modern Robinson Crusoes. Aware of this demand, Diamond Cruise International adopted a full-scenario wireless solution to build a luxury wireless network for its luxurious cruise ship Glory Sea.

Glory Sea

Building Goal: No Network Trouble at Sea

Glory Sea is a large luxury cruise ship built in Germany, with a full load displacement of 45,000 tons. It can carry nearly 2,000 people and is the first independently operated luxury cruise ship in China. Diamond Cruise International owns the cruise ship and is the first and only private cruise company in China. Glory Sea mainly serves the route to Japan and South Korea. It is the youngest cruise ship departing from Shanghai home port. It combines cutting-edge technologies and luxury comfort in its service and design in an effort to deliver the best travel experience to Chinese tourists.

This philosophy reflects Ruijie's philosophy of achieving the best. For tourists who travel on this cruise ship, the wireless network ensures full luxury. Ruijie wireless engineers went on site, classified the scenarios, and tailored a full-coverage wireless network that is available everywhere, high-performing, and easy to manage, so as to ensure no network trouble on the sea. Tourists can enjoy the sea breeze while checking their stocks, handling emails, watching TV, and keeping up with social media.

Scenario Classification: Ruijie Builds a Luxury Wireless Network 

The cruise ship has seven floors, including indoor narrow corridors, dense guest rooms, outdoor leisure area, and the deck, which presents very complex scenarios. People have different wireless network requirements in different scenarios. The changeable weather on the sea and the maximum concurrency of 2,000 users increase difficulty. Deploying a ubiquitous wireless network with no problems is far from easy.

Ruijie wireless engineers conducted multiple field surveys and considered factors like device performance, space structure, network usage habits, costs, and interference. Finally, Ruijie deployed 92 APs, seven switches, and eight 1000M SFP modules, achieving full coverage without dead zones.

Open Scenarios

Open Scenarios

The cruise ship is equipped with a disco, cafe, bar, and movie theater. These scenarios are large with a large user quantity, high density, and high concurrency. Conventional APs do not allow a large number of users to access the wireless network and data connections simultaneously.

The RG-AP530-I using Rujije's innovative X-sense antennas solves the problem. It can dynamically figure out different antenna path combinations, and supports a maximum of thousands of combinations, eliminating coverage dead zones found with conventional antennas. The AP can identify the optimal path wherever users are. It can switch paths within a few milliseconds and ensures the best signal strength around users. When STAs connect the wireless network, the AP can intelligently identify terminal type, perform signal compensation, or raise the sensitivity, so that all STAs obtain the optimal access effect. The AP can enhance the signal quality threefold at most for each STA. It is the fastest AP for large space scenarios.

Outdoor Application Scenarios

Outdoor Application Scenarios

On the deck, basketball courts and outdoor areas, the operating environment is harsh and devices need to resist the impact of hot and cold weather, heavy rain, thunder and other extreme weather. Ruijie engineers deployed only one outdoor enhanced wireless AP RG-AP630 at the top of the cruise ship to achieve full outdoor coverage. The AP can work in an environment of -40°C and +65°C at 0% to 100% humidity. The installation is simple and later maintenance can be completed using mobile phones, providing great convenience.

Guest Room Application Scenarios

Guest Room Application Scenarios

The room area of the cruise ship has ordinary rooms, luxurious rooms, business rooms, presidential rooms, and staff quarters. The room area is the main place where tourists access the Internet and send videos and photos, and thus has high performance requirements for the wireless network. In this area, the RG-AP520 is directly deployed in the corridors. One RG-AP520 covers 12 rooms. For VIP rooms on the 5th floor, one more RG-AP520 is deployed to ensure the best coverage effect.

Heat Map of Signal Coverage Strength on the 5th Floor of the Cruise Ship

Heat Map of Signal Coverage Strength on the 5th Floor of the Cruise Ship
(Upper: 2.4 GHz; Lower: 5.8 GHz)

The scenario-based solution provides the luxury wireless network for Glory Sea. Tourists can obtain the full bars of signal quality at any place on the cruise ship. They can enjoy the wireless network while moving freely inside or outside.

Tailor-made: The Luxurious Network Can Be Easily Controlled

A good wireless network must perform well and can be easily controlled, so that administrators can complete most work in the office.

The Wireless Intelligent Platform (WIS) supports one-click network optimization, automatic fault diagnosis, network planning, and one-click performance improvement. It generates an outstanding experience and clearly visualizes the entire network. Luxury networks can be controlled by the WIS.

Every trip is a vivid life story. You encounter the luxury Glory Sea on a pleasant journey, a strong wireless network in the comfortable luxury of the Glory Sea, and experience your life story in the unblocked wireless network. A cruise ship takes you to explore the unknown world; a network reflects its service philosophy. Take to the Glory Sea to travel, surf in the sea and surf the Internet!

From highways and high-speed railways that rank No.1 in the world, from the largest airport under construction to an urban metro system that leads the world, China's transport industry is undergoing significant changes. At present, Ruijie full-scenario wireless true power solutions have been applied in metros, buses, airports, highways, railways, waterways, and other scenarios. Ruijie full-scenario wireless solutions will continue to assist the rapid development of smart transport in the future and provide secure and fast smart travel experience for users.