The mountain city Chongqing ranks first in many aspects: hottest city, its famous chafing dish, attractive women...Chongqing has gained another top ranking: The Wi-Fi network speed of Chongqing Metro ranks first globally.

Chongqing Metro WiFi

Chongqing is the second city that provides the train-to-ground wireless network in China and the first city that opens rail Wi-Fi operation in the western China. Does the Wi-Fi network speed of Chongqing Metro rank First globally as publicized? Now let’s go on site to experience the Wi-Fi network speed.

“Free Wi-Fi” labels are pasted in visible positions on platforms, station halls, and trains in Chongqing Metro. We can immediately discover the Wi-Fi network with the SSID “Heikuai”. After connecting, we can access the Internet within 2-3 seconds. We moved around the platform and station hall, and the signal bars of the mobile phone were always full, the wireless network basically covered the entire station hall and platform, and no dead zones were found.

Chongqing Metro WiFi

Special Tip:

For first-time users of the Chongqing Metro Wi-Fi network, open the browser after enabling the WLAN function and enter any address. The page for downloading the Wi-Fi App “HeiKuai” dedicated for Chongqing Metro is displayed. After downloading the App, use your mobile phone to complete simple registration, and click the one-click free Internet access key. Then, you can use the Internet normally.

The Wi-Fi network of Chongqing Metro provides 30 minutes of Internet access for each user each time. When your Internet access duration reaches 25 minutes, a prompt asking you to renew your connection is displayed. You can click the one-click Internet access key again, and the connection count is cleared. This means that users can enjoy free Internet access without a time limit inside the metro. After connecting to the Wi-Fi network successfully, we performed some simple tests. WeChat and QQ are both available and Web pages can be opened very smoothly.

The builder reveals that the top Internet access speed is 300 Kbps. We used Speedtest on the platform to test the connection speed. The download speed reached 2.5 Mbps and video caching using iQIYI was around 260 kbps.

The Speedtest download speed inside trains was about 2.4 Mbps, videos were smooth, and no video was dropped or stuck.

Chongqing Metro WiFi

Have you got the skill to use Chongqing Metro free Wi-Fi network?

While we enjoy a smooth wireless surfing experience,

Who supports the ultra-high concurrency and 

large-scale wireless access for millions of users?

It is


At present, Line 1 of Chongqing Rail Transit provides free Wi-Fi coverage for platforms, station halls, and carriages. Ruijie Networks makes significant contributions to building the Wi-Fi network. Ruijie provides high-performance Wi-Fi network coverage for trains, station halls, and platforms, ensuring that passengers can access network resources anytime, anywhere.

The average dynamic bandwidth of each train is up to 600 Mbps, and at least 1 GB bandwidth is guaranteed for each station. The high bandwidth, high concurrency, and strong security make the Wi-Fi speed of Chongqing Metro rank first globally.

The train-to-ground wireless system tailored by Ruijie Networks overcomes technical difficulties like dynamic transmission, high-speed handover, air interface interference, and a complex environment. It achieves seamless roaming for passengers on platforms, channels, and inside trains, and provides passenger access during rush hour and performance much better than 3G/4G networks.

Users no longer have to worry about traffic when watching movies, using WeChat, or shopping on Taobao in the metro.

With the support of Ruijie Networks, Chongqing Metro’s Wi-Fi network speed is super fast!