Based on the broadband China and rural development, China Mobile has launched its rural broadband building project across China. China Mobile, Beijing Branch, investigated the successful experience of rural broadband WLAN development in other provinces in China in 2014, and started the pilot test in Pinggu, Daxing, Huairou, and other branches. The usage of WLANs in the pilot proves the feasibility that the rural broadband WLAN can stably provide a 10-Mbps broadband access service in rural areas. Therefore, China Mobile, Beijing Branch decided to launch the rural broadband WLAN building project in all suburban counties in 2015.

Based on the requirements of China Mobile, Beijing Branch and the characteristics of rural WLAN environment, Ruijie performed WLAN optimization on the entire network architecture of the WLAN broadband access system and rural access scenarios, to ensure that stable, high-quality, and secure wireless communication links are provided. Based on the overall requirements of the project, China Mobile, Beijing Branch comprehensively evaluated the quality, performance, functions, and security of bidding products as well as the solution design and after-sales service capability. After a rigorous review, Ruijie won the bid. The post-review on-site pressure test also showed that Ruijie's rural broadband WLAN products and solutions are the best choice in the industry. For example, Ruijie outdoor industrial-grade products can adapt to the harsh outdoor environment and are highly reliable. The design combines high-gain integrated smart antennas and APs, which makes the construction and maintenance flexible and convenient. Ruijie products support a long transmission distance and high throughput, and a single dual-band base station can support more 10 Mbps concurrent users.