Founded in 1990, Suning is a leading private enterprise in the retail industry in China. It is one of the 20 key large-scale enterprises supported by the state, with a business scope covering traditional household appliances, consumer electronics, general merchandise, daily necessities, books, virtual products, and other general products. For 25 years, Suning has run more than 1,600 physical stores throughout China. Its website,, ranks in top three in B2C business in China. From traditional to online retail, integrated online and offline development not only changes the retail pattern in China, but also leads the new Internet + retail trend.

With the IT development, more consumers enjoy shopping via many channels, both online and offline. In addition, sellers focus on consumers and keep close contact with them to design the shopping process, and streamline all aspects of Internet marketing and mobile application resources via free WiFi networks.

Suning’s physical retail business needs to seize opportunities in the new era and explore greater business values to enhance its competitive edge in the market. The wireless network serves as the basis for streamlining all aspects of marketing. Therefore, deploying a stable, efficient, and full-coverage wireless network tops Suning’s agenda.

Based on the application scenarios of Suning stores, Ruijie provides a targeted X-sense smart antenna wireless solution to safeguard Suning’s online-to-offline (O2O) transformation.

  • X-sense smart antennas for a precise, flexible wireless coverage with satisfactory experiences.

With strong technical support from Ruijie, Suning successfully addresses the staff's need to obtain network resources anytime, anyplace, and meets customers’ application requirements for free network services by deploying wireless hotspots inside stores. The high-performance APs, in conjunction with the smart gain of X-sense smart antennas, ensure that many users can go online simultaneously when promotional activities are launched. The optimal antenna path design achieves full signal strength for customers. In addition, X-sense smart antennas are capable of accurately identifying the types of wireless access STAs in stores, and optimizing the signal quality in a targeted manner, so that all STAs can enjoy good coverage brought by smart antennas.

X-sense smart antennas-1
X-sense smart antennas-2
  • Implementing precision marketing via wireless network and enhancing consumers' unconstrained shopping experience

When customers connect to the wireless network via a store’s SSID, the STAs automatically push the customized ad page to quickly advertise Suning’s online and offline promotional activities. The ad page also provides the link for downloading the Suning App. These features incorporate precision marketing, an important part of O2O, into service deployment, help change the lifestyles and consumer behaviors, and provide integrated and unconstrained shopping experience.         

In Suning stores, when customers connect to the free WiFi network, they can scan a QR code with their mobile device to place orders online, or log in to to complete online order placement, payment in stores, on-site product pickup, or free delivery. This flexibility not only greatly shortens the time required for customers to find, select and buy commodities, but also makes the whole process full of fun. Moreover, consumer-based big data technologies can accurately record and track consumers' online and offline shopping patterns, purchase preferences, and other purchase behaviors and habits, and provide the store correlation analysis, to find out the appropriate use mode of products for users, thereby providing strong support for precision marketing.

Suning Retail-5
Suning Retail-6

As the leading brand in wireless precision marketing network solutions in China, Ruijie Networks uses wireless APs to help Suning attract offline customers, expand the physical retail sales chain, and achieve online and offline interaction. Suning can personalize the consumer experience and accumulate mass data to identify consumers' purchase habits and sharpen Suning's core competitive edge. Suning is poised to become the giant that integrates all online and offline sales channels and unleashes the innovative Internet + retail mode.