Project Background

In 2014, the Informal Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' Meeting was held at Yanqi Lake in Huairou District of Beijing. Huairou Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau wants to reconstruct and upgrade the urban security system in Huairou, increase the coverage of security facilities in the district, improve the overall level and precision of security and technical prevention, and eliminate surveillance "dead zones" in and around the APEC meeting area, remote towns and villages. In addition, Huairou Branch intends to use this opportunity to upgrade the surveillance system to digital HD (upgrading and expanding the surveillance platforms and surveillance system links at all levels) for key security areas in the district, thus ensuring security of the APEC meeting.

APEC China 2014

Construction Requirements

To ensure that the APEC meeting runs smoothly and to create a safe and stable public security environment, the police in Huairou Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau have added 1,000 HD video surveillance systems, and equipped 157 police cars and more than 60 local vehicles with vehicle-mounted video surveillance systems. The "Skynet" composed of these HD monitors fully covers the provincial and district-level entrances and exits of different sizes, and crowded areas such as schools, business districts, and gas stations, ensuring no security dead zone in all directions.

Solution and Benefits

  • Building a high-speed stable video transmission platform to meet video transmission requirements of "Skynet"

Given the high requirements on the transmission platform imposed by the heavy traffic of HD (1080P) cameras, and to meet the requirements of big data traffic, Ruijie has built a 40G/100G dedicated transport network composed of high-end switches.

  • Upgrading secondary platforms to support the real-time image storage, switching control, historical image view, and other functions

This project uses Ruijie's exclusive Virtual Switching Unit (VSU) technology, which virtualizes multiple core switches into one switch. It facilitates operations and management while improving performance. It also enables the secondary platforms to store and call videos of the district in real time. Ruijie's safe city solution helps build a high-performance video transmission platform as well as full-coverage "Skynet" in Huairou District, leaving no space for illegal activities and creating a safe and stable public security environment for the successful convening of the APEC meeting.