Introduction to Nankai University
Nankai University, affiliated to the Ministry of Education, is a key university of "Project 211" and "Project 985", and has a total of about 25,000 full-time enrolled students. In 2013, Nankai University completed partial construction of the "IPv6 technology upgrade subproject" for China's Next Generation Internet (CNGI). The wireless network building has been put into agenda of the university.

Project Background
Nankai university clearly puts forward the philosophy of "solid infrastructure, rich applications, and service orientation" in the planning and building of the campus network. An advanced and leading infrastructure bearing network needs to be built and a scenario-based wireless solution needs to be deployed on the infrastructure network to provide high-speed STA access experience and carry rich wireless applications. The solution provides unified and high-quality wired and wireless access for all teachers and students, as well as ease-to-use applications. The solution is used in combination with a fast and efficient operation & maintenance (O&M) system, to transform the information-based campus network into service-based campus network.


  • A wireless basic platform with outstanding performance is built after conducting professional field survey and network optimization. Different types of APs are deployed based on different scenarios. Ruijie i-Share 2nd-generation wireless access point RG-AP220-E(M)-V2 is deployed in the dormitory area, RG-AP320-I is used for wireless coverage of the teaching area, and RG-AP620-H(C) is used for outdoor coverage.
  • The wireless campus network is physically isolated from the wired campus network, and they are independent of each other. In this way, wireless users and wired users are authenticated in a unified manner, user traffic is forwarded in a distributed manner, and the users do not perceive authentication.
  • The wireless O&M management platform Realtime Intelligent Infrastructure Library (RIIL) is deployed to implement integrated management of the wireless network and wired network, and the graphical wireless heat map shows the overall wireless signal coverage.
  • Ruijie RG-PowerCache is used to optimize the network egress, improve the wireless Internet access experience for teachers and students, and alleviate egress pressure of the campus network.
  • The app downloading speed is significantly raised for users, 170GB traffic is provided for the campus network every day and up to 600 Mbps bandwidth can be provided in peak hours.
  • With the aid of Tianjin Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), the Tianjian university cloud alliance is built, and members of the alliance mutually provide services, thereby achieving optimized resource allocation and localization, and further reducing the Internet egress bandwidth.
  • Nankai University Whistle mobile application platform is built, which integrates multiple service systems including the all-purpose card and email system, implements service handling of the information center, freshmen enrollment, real-time statistics, high-speed free campus music and movies, and realizes the innovative integration between the teaching life and informationization.

Customer Benefits

The scenario-based wireless solution provides wireless access for the whole university and uses perception-free authentication to deliver optimal wireless Internet access experience to teachers and students. The wireless O&M management platform greatly reduces the workload of O&M management teachers. It provides a stable, high-speed, and easy-to-manage basic platform for rich mobile applications in Nankai University.

Project Highlights
Ruijie simplistic wireless solution uses scenario-based product design, in combination with a high-performance core and refined NMS as well as remote O&M, to provide the optimal Internet access experience for teachers and students.

Customer Evaluation
In the building of mobile campus networks in Nankai University, Ruijie Networks provides good ideas, from the wireless infrastructure building and management to the building of mobile application platform. The integrated deployment solution authentically improves the service quality and position of the information center of Nankai University.