Ranked 36th in the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings (2014)
One of the Most Prestigious universities in China. Also ranked top in the independent regional QS BRICS University Rankings in 2013.
Network operation and maintenance are supervised by the experienced IT specialists of the university. Network vendors provide customized services to fulfil the special needs across the campus.
25,000 IPv4 + 9,000 IPv6 users
Potential network attacks from 30,000 users
Mobile devices frequent online/offline
Compatibility with all kinds of end devices
Heavy IPv6 application (CERNET HUB)

N18K as Large Core for Wireless Network
Concurrent support upto 90K Dual-Stack devices

All users are online < 30s
CPU utilization <10%
> 6 months without system restart or crash
~10,000 IPv6 user migration in only 1 hour

Customer's Feedbcak:
"The result of Newton18000 performance as the campus wireless unified gateway has exceeded our expectation !!"