Project Background
JIMEI University was founded in 1918 by Mr. Chen Jiageng, an eminent oversea Chinese, who has passed away. In 2004, JIMEI University was specified as one of the eight major universities by Fujian provincial committee and provincial state.
The campus network of JIMEI University was built in 1996, upgraded to a 2G 1000M campus network in 2001, and reconstructed in a large scale in 2005. In 2006, the university launched a project of constructing and upgrading the campus network with special appropriation. This project was launched mainly to solve the network security problems. According to the plan of Fujian Province to build major universities and the objectives stipulated in 11th five-year plan of JIMEI University of building the campus network, JIMEI University expects a campus network with features of high rate, stable, secure, controllable, and manageable.
Construction Solution
According to the current status of the campus network of JIMEI University, the university and Ruijie Networks together present a global secure network solution based on network equipment and on joint work of the background security system and software and hardware of the clients.
Campus network of JIMEI University
Implementation Effect
In February, 2007, reconstruction of the campus network of JIMIE University was complete, when the computer virus of “panda burning incense” flooded on the network. The association between GSN and IDS effectively suppressed the spread of the virus across the campus network of JIMEI University. When the virus attacked the networks across the nation, the campus network of JIMIE University was maintained as clean.
The ARP spoof defense function of GSN brings tangible benefits for the students. Chen Weibin, director of the network center of JIMEI University, is quoted by saying “the students do not know what GSN is, but they knowwhere there is authentication, there is no ARP deceit, and they know how the network is smooth". This is GSN,an anonymous hero in protecting networks.
In the period from 5 March to 31 March of 2007, the GSN system automatically handled over 40,000 security events, that is, 1,800 security events every day. When improving network security, the GSN system also reduces the workload of the teachers.
Comparison of security events before and after deployment of GSN