Ruijie Networks and its branches respect your privacy. Please read the following to learn more about our Privacy Policy.

1. How We Collect Your Personal Data

On our website(, you can order products or services, ask for help, and register or obtain information. You need to provide your name, e-mail address, phone number, address, enterprise type, preference, host number, and other personal data required when you register or apply for services so that we can improve online services, help you with technical problems, and offer follow-up services. You can make your own choice.

We will continuously improve our products and services (including procedures for registration) to create and provide content that can better cater to you. We may also need information on your personal or occupational interest, demographics, experiences with Ruijie products, and the way of communication you prefer.

2. How We Use Your Personal Data

Your personal data will be kept strictly confidential. We may use your personal data to understand your demand, improve services, help you with purchase, contact you, update services for your benefit, and further cater to you online. In some cases, we may use your information to contact you for a market survey or to provide market information that may interest you.

3. How to Control Your Personal Data

When you provide personal data by registration or other means, we will not sell or lease your personally identifiable information (PII) to anyone else. If our agents or contractors are permitted to use your personal information and survey data, they must strictly keep such information confidential and must not use it for any purposes other than offering Ruijie-authorized services. We will not use or share the PII you offered online in manners unrelated to the content above without informing you and obtaining your consent beforehand. We will always ask for your consent first. We will never share your information with any third parties not representing us or bound by our privacy policy. We may sort out or integrate information from the website and third parties, and recommend products or services to you based on such information.

4. How to Access Your Personal Data

To protect your privacy and safety, we will verify your ID before you can access or modify information. We strive to ensure accuracy of your PII, and allow you to access, register, update, and modify your information online. Note that we provide links to third party websites for your convenience only; if you click on the links, you will exit the page and go to the third party websites. Your PII may be collected by these third parties. Therefore, we will not make any acknowledgement or statement of these third party websites and any information, software or other products, and material on the websites, or any possible consequences caused by the usage. The practice for third party websites linked to Ruijie website is uncovered by this privacy policy.

5. How We Protect Your Personal Data

We plan to ensure the quality and completeness of your identifiable information. We will carefully protect your information to prevent any loss, misuse, access without authorization, disclosure, falsification, or destruction. In the company, data is stored in a password-controlled server with restrictions. We will respond to your requests in time to correct errors in your personal data. To correct your personal data, return the erroneous information to the sender with detailed corrections.

6. About Young Users

We will pay maximum attention to the safety of users under 16. If you are under 16, provide your personal data with your guardian's consent. When registering your name, address, phone number, or other personal information, or when shopping online, ensure that your parents or guardians are present.

7. About Cookies

With application of new technologies to the Internet, we have brought visitors completely personalized experiences. We use cookies to analyze the website usage and maintain your purchase history. A cookie is a text string in the hard drive requesting permissions. Using cookies does not mean that we can obtain your information automatically. We can determine the type of your PC, but we use cookies to optimize your experiences when you visit our website. We absolutely have no intention of infringing on your privacy.

You can configure your browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) to notify cookie requests, or you can reject cookies. You can delete files with cookies, which are saved as part of the browser.

8. Updates to This Statement

The right to interpret this statement and the right to interpret use of this website belong to Ruijie Networks. We may update this privacy statement from time to time. The "Update Time" will be modified for each update. For any material changes, we will release a notice on the website.

9. Disputes arising from this statement or using this website shall be governed by laws of the People's Republic of China.

Update Time: February 20, 2017