For any city-wide surveillance solution, the online rate of the cameras reflects the outcome of the solution. Ruijie City-wide IP Surveillance Integrated Network and Monitoring Solution has recently enhanced the online rate of Guangzhou surveillance cameras.
By deploying Ruijie industrial switches, together with the 4G router mobile surveillance, fixed surveillance and 4G backup line, Ruijie offers a comprehensive City-wide IP Surveillance Solution to enhance the surveillance camera online rate in Guangzhou. Guaranteed by the industrial switch, the front-end access can withstand harsh outdoor environmental conditions such as wide temperature range. The 4G routers withwide temperature range design are adopted in mobile surveillance, while wired and 4G dual network are adopted in some important surveillance points for image acquisition to enhance the camera online rate.The successful deployment in Guangzhou is the window to understand the social security situation and the city’s comprehensive management situation. It is an indispensable technological mean for social security, city integrated management and emergency command system. It is an important part of the Guangzhou integrated intelligent management.

Not only does the Solution covers the Guangzhou city, it is also deployed in the area with high crime rate such as Guangshen Expressway and the suburban areas. Due to the all-fiber coverage, the cost of the Surveillance Solution is very high and it may affect the transportation network. In addition, according to the public security requirements, if the surveillance video is interrupted because of the network (such as cable damage due to construction accident), it mustbe restored within 2 hours. This has spawned the demand of backuplink. Currently, there is no better technical solution than 4G. Therefore, 4G surveillance and 4G backup surveillance are widely deployed in the Guangzhou IP Surveillance Solution.
Over 10000 high-definition cameras, 200 high-definition monitoring systems, 500 mobile video systems and a supporting Cloud storage data center are deployed in the Guangzhou City- wide IP Surveillance Monitoring Solution. The high-definition video surveillance points require 1080P for the surveillance videos, transfer rateof 25 frames per second and upstream rate of 6Mbps. The mobile videosurveillance requires 720P for the surveillance videos, transfer rate of 15 frames per second and upstream rate of 2Mbps.
In this project, the video network adopts the dual network access integrated with 4G wireless network and fiber wired network. The 2 access modes act as mutual backup to ensuretimely and efficienttransmission of video signals and also to complement each other for enhancing the stability and reliability of the overall system, thereby improving the camera online rate.


Figure 20. Dual-network access diagram

The diagram of dual network access is shown in Figure 20 above:Meanwhile, the dual network access mode effectively compensates the deficiencies of the traditional access methods. For the surveillance blind spots without deployment of surveillance cameras and special surveillance environments which the traditional network is difficult to reach such as mobile video surveillance, fast deployment and flexible networking can now be effectively achieved withflexible, fast and efficient deployment of security video surveillance. Especially in emergencies and other urgent scenarios, the front-end video surveillance system with 4G wireless network access can return the live video to further enhance the command and scheduling capabilities. The 4G wireless access diagram is shown in Figure 21:

Figure 21. 4G wireless access diagram

Over 10000 4G surveillance points are deployed in this project. The reasons for the successful large-scale application are as follows:
i. In the actual deployment in Guangzhou, the 4G upload speed is up to 20Mbps, which can meet the high-definition video and mobile surveillance requirements.
ii. Ruijie ranks first among all the vendors according to the tests results.
iii. To enhance the camera online rate in Guangzhou, dual network is deployed for fast failover between the wireless and fiber wired network through real-time status monitoring.
iv. To deliver high-definition surveillance videos, Ruijie City- wide IP Surveillance Solution adopts the exclusive ITO technology to boost bandwidth utilization, thereby ensuring adequate bandwidth for the surveillance service.
v. To facilitate the operation, management and maintenance of the Guangzhou City-wide IP Surveillance Solution, features such as Ruijie Zero-Configuration Solution and SMS Bluetooth network management are adopted. The simple and convenient graphical user interface ensures stable operation of the surveillance network.