RG-S2915-24GT4MS-L, 24-Port gigabit L2+ managed switch with four 2.5G uplink fiber ports

Offices, hotels, retail stores, factories, and schools.



Highlight Features

  • 2.5G uplink, breaking the Gigabit bottleneck, supporting access for more types of devices, and cooperating with the S6120 switch for 10G networking
  • Unique CPU protection policy, ensuring stability of the switch and nonstop services
  • RLDP used to provide smooth network connections
  • 10 kV surge protection for ports and high reliability
  • Compliance with standard protocols and application in various scenarios
  • Ease of use through Ruijie Cloud for management and remote O&M

Strong Surge Protection Capability

The switches are capable of suppressing 10 kV surge for ports. The strong surge protection capability reduces the probability that ports are damaged by surge and improves customer network stability.



Uplink 2.5GE Ports

The uplink ports of the RG-S2915-L series switches support the 2.5 Gbit/s rate. Compared with the 1 Gbit/s uplink rate, the switches can connect to more terminals in HD monitoring scenarios and has better ability to cope with sudden burst data.



High Reliability

The RG-S2915-L series switches support the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), and Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP), which help the switches achieve fast convergence, improve the fault tolerance capability, and ensure stable network operation and link load balancing.


With the Rapid Link Detection Protocol (RLDP), the RG-S2915-L series switches can quickly detect the link connectivity and unidirectional optical fiber links. The port loop detection function helps the switches prevent network failures caused by loops resulting from unauthorized port connection to hubs.


The RG-S2915-L series switches support the Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) technology, which is an international L2 link redundancy backup protocol designed for the core Ethernet.


The RG-S2915-L series switches provide an advanced hardware CPU protection mechanism: CPU protect policy (CPP). It classifies data traffic sent to the CPU, processes the traffic by queue priority, and limits the bandwidth rate as required.


The RG-S2915-L series switches adopt the Network Foundation Protection Policy (NFPP) technology to limit the rate of ARP packets, ICMP requests, DHCP requests, and other packets sent from users to networks.



Quietness and Green Energy Saving

The switches fully get rid of loud noise produced by switches deployed in offices and excessive energy consumption arising from the mass deployment of access devices.


The energy efficient Ethernet (EEE) is another highlight of the RG-S2915-L series switches.


Some models of the RG-S2915-L series switches adopt the fanless design, which ensures no noise and no forced airflow, preventing dust and chemical pollutants in the air from entering the devices and causing corrosion and static electricity accumulation.


In the perception of noise, 30 dB to 40 dB is an ideal sound level for a quiet environment. Ruijie products are tested in accordance with the national standard GB/T 18313-2001 and the noise meets the standard of sleeping in the living room at night.



Ease of Network Maintenance

The RG-S2915-L series switches support cloud management and can bring customers simplified O&M management and user experience:


Ease of networking: Only a PC or mobile phone available for Internet access is required to complete the device deployment. The switches support plug and play.


Ease of O&M: The O&M is simple. The network can be managed at any time. You can manage the network wherever you go, and both the wired and wireless gateways are under your control.


Ease of monitoring: You can view the network health and device details (system status, traffic trend, connectivity, power supply status, etc.) at any time.


Ease of authentication: Relying on the cloud, the whole network can provide authentication for Internet access, without any additional software and servers.


Tips: Product information and performance will be affected by upgrade iteration, specific environment and other factors, so FAQ content is for reference only. For further information, please contact online support.
Are there any recommended RG-S2915-L series switches provide PoE power supply?

The RG-S2915-10GT2MS-P-L and RG-S2915-24GT4MS-P-L are recommended. They provide up to 30 W power per port to meet power supply needs of terminals such as VoIP phones, IP cameras, and access points (APs).

Because our equipment room is near meetings rooms, we are concerned about noises caused by switches. Can we use the RG-S2915-24GT4MS-L switch in such a scenario?

Yes. The RG-S2915-24GT4MS-L switch adopts a fanless design and dissipates heat in a natural manner without noise. Even if your office is near the equipment room, you are free of worries about noises. The switch also supports energy efficient Ethernet (EEE). Idle ports shut down automatically to save power.

Are 2.5G fiber ports of the switch backward-compatible?

Yes. The 2.5G fiber ports of the switch are compatible with SFP transceiver modules and backward-compatible with 1000 Mbps.

Which core switch is used for 2.5G optical uplink?

The RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS is recommended.

Can RG-S2915-L series switches function as core switches?

The RG-S2915-L series switches support the DHCP server function and can be used as core switches in some SMB scenarios.



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