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The intuitive and smart Ruijie management software platform has been serving a wide range of sectors, including hospitality, retailing, high education, and SMB offices, with holistic, flexible and dynamic management plans over the years. The security management software, teaming up with the AAA technology, offers a comprehensive suite of network security control including NAC (Network Access Control). The network management software, featuring user-friendly interfaces and real-time monitoring of network status, has greatly boosted the efficiency in network performance management and configuration.

Driven by the goal to empower the users with simple yet effective management platform, Ruijie has never stopped excelling in automation, data intelligence and ease of manageability in their products.

The latest MACC platform, featuring a centralized management on the cloud, enables the users to configure, control and manage the network with great ease. The MACC not only frees up a significant amount of IT resources, but also optimizes network status monitoring, including access control and authentication with agility. In addition, empowered by RG-LBS (Location-Based Services) and RG-MCP (Marketing Cloud Platform), the MACC platform offers you a holistic solution for cloud wireless management with an extensive array of customized social media interactions, including captive landing portal and advertising pushes. Based on the user analytics and your business needs, the Ruijie management software smartly boosts your business by monetizing the social engagement with your customers, while providing high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity.

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  • RG-SMP Security Management Platform

    As the core of Ruijie GSN (Global Security Network) Solution, the RG-SMP (Security Management Platform) offers users comprehensive network security features, with security compliance requirements in aspects of user identity, host health and security of network communication.
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