The Ruijie Wall AP AP130(L) is designed for wireless deployment in hotels, offices, residential buildings and settings alike, supporting the latest protocol, 802.11ac, with 4 extra LAN port for in-room network equipment and guest wired internet connection use.
The mini-size wall-mountable AP has the same size as a standard 86-type faceplate. Featuring a compact design and easy deployment, the AP enables zero disruption to the interior finishes and offers the best solution for scenarios with delicate interior design.
Taking advantage of Ruijie hybrid management flexibility, customer can choose the Ruijie Cloud Management and Hardware Controller for varies fast-changing business needs.
Comfortable Guest Experience
Have you ever been disturbed by the ‘lights’ from in-room equipment during rest? Ruijie AP130(L) will unique replaceable cover plate design allowing all status LED are fully covered by the plate*

*The Gold & Black cover plate options are no more available for ordering since Sep2019

Service Expansion
The AP130(L) came with 4 Data LAN Ports for in-room network equipment (e.g. IPTV, IoT Terminals, IP Phone) and guest wired Internet connection use.
Flexible Hybrid Management

3 different management modes for selection, perfect for your ever changing business needs

Simple & Basic connectivity
Cloud Management
Easy & Effective Choice without Provisioning
Hardware Controller
High Performance with 3rd Party Integration
Zero Provisioning

No Software Installation
4-Step Fast Provisioning by Ruijie Cloud Mobile APP

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