Ruijie RG-EG2000CE Gateway is a multi-functional security gateway product for various industries. Equipped with high-performance multi-core MIPS hardware architecture, the RG-EG2000CE Gateway supports a wide range of features such as high-performance NAT, smart flow control, online behavior management, visualized IPsec VPN, web authentication, etc. With its rich features, the RG-EG EG2000CE Series can effectively optimize the user network, manage online behavior and improve the user experience of the service system.
Smart Flow Control
On-demand Bandwidth Allocation
Simple and Easy-to-use Web
Management Interface
Role-based Flow Control
Application Black List
P2P Speed Limit
Smart P2P Speed Limit
Accurate identification of P2P software, and automatic transmission of uplink source
quench message to control the downlink traffic and prevent downlink bandwidth exhaustion
Role-based Flow Control
Based on usernames and user groups to facilitate
the allocation of bandwidths according to
different departments
All in One
Simplifying Management and Saving Investment
Traditional Network
Ruijie Cloud Solution
Ruijie Networks