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RG-RSR10-02E Router

The Ruijie RG-RSR10-02E Router provides a next-generation network solution for enterprise branches while reducing deployment and operational costs. Through the power of Ruijie’s advanced software technology and hardware support, the Ruijie RG-RSR10-02E Router offers superior manageability and reliability for enterprise edge networks at minimum costs. The Router provides a consolidated service infrastructure that enables scalable deployment of new applications to better address the diversified demands for future business development.
The Ruijie RG-RSR10-02E Router offers exceptional features as follows:
●Integration of Routing and Switching
●Built-in 2-port GE WAN and 8-port FE LAN
●IPv6 Support
●3G/4G WAN Module Support
●Integrated VPN Functions
The Ruijie RG-RSR10-02E Router delivers advanced performance with forwarding capacity up to 500Kpps and service- rich features including ACL, PBR (Policy Based Routing), NAT (Network Address Translation), etc. The Router also supports Ruijie’s leading high-speed packet forwarding technology REF (Ruijie Express Forwarding) and 2 Gigabit WAN ports to align to the current network requirements and future expansion needs.



Multi-Service and Multi-Function
3G/4G WAN Module Support
With optional CDMA2000 and WCDMA 3G WAN SIC module and 4G TD-LTE and FDD-LTE WAN SIC module, the Ruijie RG-RSR10-02E Router meets the customer needs of deploying 3G/4G resilience or offload solution.
Up to 2 3G/4G modules are supported in the Ruijie RG-RSR10-02E Router, and thus 2 different Mobile ISPs can be selected for additional resiliency.
Integration of Routing and Switching
Supports up to 8 10/100M switching Ethernet ports with a wide range of switching features on Layer 2 and Layer 3.
Provides 2 fixed 10/100/1000M routing Ethernet ports that support routing protocol such as RIP, OSPF and BGP.
All switching Ethernet ports can be configured to support L2 or L3 interfaces, and L3 applications such as ACL and QoS.
Integrated Voice and Video Functions
Provides IP phone modules including FXS and FXO.
Supports standard SIP, H.323 protocol stacks and the GK interface.
Integrated Security Features
Supports hardware-based encryption.
Provides various security features including firewall, IPSec VPN, Secure Shell (SSH) protocol, intrusion protection, anti-DDoS and attack prevention.
Supports Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA), RADIUS, and TACACS+ authentication protocol.
Integrated VPN Features
Supports IPSec VPN and GRE VPN.
Supports the VPDN applications of the L2TP/PPTP.
Supports L2TP/PPTP penetration for NAT applications.
Supports MPLS L2/L3 VPN applications.
Separate Management and Data Forwarding
With the advanced virtual CPU design concept adopted in the RGOS, the Ruijie RG-RSR10-02E Router can divide CPU resources into management resources and data forwarding resources which are allocated automatically based on the traffic.
This guarantees the management applications like CLI (command-line interface) and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) are protected against malicious attack traffic.
Modular Design
Features an 11-inch wide chassis that enhances accessibility and flexibility.
Built in with 2 fixed 10/100/1000M routing Ethernet ports and 8 10/100M switching Ethernet ports.
Provides 2 slots for SIC network/voice modules to support diversified modules with various functions.
High Performance
The forwarding capacity of the Ruijie RG-RSR10-02E Router is up to 500Kpps, which achieves high performance for all services such as ACL, PBR (Policy Based Routing), NAT (Network Address Translation), etc.
The flow table technology is adopted such that when QoS, ACL, NAT and PBR services are enabled, the first packet is matched item by item, and the subsequent packets of the flow are matched according to the flow table. Thus, the processing performance is the same for any amount of ACLs and PBRs. This reduces the impact of ACL, QoS, PBR, and NAT services on the routing performance.
Through the power of Ruijie’s advanced software technology and hardware support, the Ruijie RG-RSR10-02E Router provides users with integrated data, security, voice, video and upperlayer applications.
Supports current and future Internet applications without destructing the original data transmission functions.
Advanced QoS Policies
Supports Layer 1- Layer 2 hierarchy QoS function.
Generic Traffic Shaping (GTS) can be activated using RGOS and the QoS queuing mechanism can be
Adopts the congestion management policies including PQ, CQ, FIFO, WFQ, CBWFQ, LLQ, and RTPQ.
Adopts the congestion avoidance policy WRED.
Supports GTS-based traffic shaping and CAR-based traffic policing.
Provides QoS policies based on the CTCP and CRTP link efficiency.
Supports voice packet priority.
Flexible RGOS Platform
Unified RGOS Network Platform

Operates on the advanced RGOS system to provide diversified functions and cater for different applications.
Virtual Routing Forwarding (VRF)
Supports VRF services to further reduce the capital investment on equipment and telecommunication resources.
Ease of Use
Standard CLI is adopted in the Ruijie RG-RSR10-02E Router which simplifies the operation and minimizes the maintenance costs.
Maintains configuration retrieval process with SNMP protocol and TFTP for easy network management.
Supports Telnet/Console for convenient remote management and control.
Provides various online upgrade methods to facilitate the RG-RSR10-02E future expansion needs.
Provides improved stability with antistatic steel chassis and dustproof ventilation grid.



Fixed Ports

2 10/100/1000BASE-T WAN ports

8 10/100BASE-T LAN ports

1 Console port

1 AUX port

1 USB2.0 port

1 SD slot

Module Slots

2 SIC network/voice module slots







Packet Forwarding Rate


LAN Protocol

VLAN, ARP, 802.1q, 802.1ad

WAN Protocol


Routing Protocol

Static routing, RIPv1/v2, OSPFv2, Tag route filtering


Congestion Management


Congestion Avoidance


Flow Supervision


Flow Shaping


Network Security


Local User, RADIUS, , IP Account


SSH v1.5, SSH v2.0


Dynamic packet filter, state detection, attack defense, URL filtering








High Availability



SNMP v1/v2/v3, 3G MIB, SYSLOG, Console login, Telnet (VTY) remote


SIC-1E1-F: 1-Port E1 Module

SIC-1CE1: 1-Port E1 Module

(W x H x D) (mm)

288 × 44 × 204

Weight (Maximum)


Safety Standards

IEC 60950-1, EN 60950-1

Emission Standards

EN 300 386, EN 55022/55032, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 55024, EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8, EN 61000-4-11

Power Supply

110VAC to 240VAC, 50Hz to 60Hz


0°C to 45°C


10% to 95%RH


Financial Mobile Business Access

Distributed Financial Mobile Business Network Topology Diagram

Application features:

■ The RG-RSR77 series routers are used as the LNS device and the RG-RSR10-02E as the access routers.

■ The RG-RSR10-02E fully supports 3G applications, WCDMA, CDMA2000, and can be deployed as primary or backup link.

■ Supports AAA, digital certificate, IPSec encryption, GIS positioning and improve the security of confidential business.

E-Government Application

Distributed E-Government Network Topology Diagram

Application features:

■ The RG-RSR10-02E supports different kinds of access mode such as MSTP, 3G, FR, E1, X.25, DDN, ISDN and etc.

■ The RG-RSR10-02E supports embedded hardware with encryption that can set up high level of IPSec security tunnel.





8-Port 10/100BASE-T LAN, 2-Port 10/100/1000BASE-T WAN, 1 Console Port, 1 AUX Port, 1 USB port, 1 SD Slot, 2 SIC slots, 512MB DRAM

RSR10-02 Router SIC Modules


1-Port Non-channelized SIC Module (E1-F)


1-Port Channelized E1 SIC Module

RSR10-02 Router Interface Accessories

CAB-E1 balanced/DB9M-RJ45F/120ohm/3m

E1 Cable, DB9M/RJ-45F (120ohm), 3m

CAB-E1 unbalanced/DB9M-2*BNC/75ohm/3m

E1 Cable, DB9M/2*BNC (75ohm), 3m

CAB-E1 balanced/DB9M-RJ45M/120ohm/3m

E1 Cable, DB9M/RJ-45M (120ohm), 3m


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