Reyee Indoor AP
  • Support 802.11AX/AC Wave2 MU-MIMO Technology
  • Dual-LAN Ports, Up to 2.5Gbps for Uplink Port
  • Seamless Layer 3 Roaming Supported
  • Self-organizing Networking Supported
  • Lifetime Free Ruijie Cloud Management
Reyee Wall AP
  • Universal 86 standard build-in installation
  • Covered by material with high conductivity, cool down devices in 10℃ than before
  • Seamless Layer 3 Roaming supported
  • Lifetime free Ruijie Cloud management
Reyee Outdoor AP
  • IP68, 6000V, V0, Durable in Harsh Conditions
  • Dual-radio Supports up to 1775Mbps, 802.11AX
  • Amazing 5GHz wireless coverage up to 300m, Max. 512 Concurrent Users
  • Industrial Design with Dual-LAN, Support SFP Optical Port
  • Lifetime Free Ruijie Cloud Management.
Reyee Wireless Bridge
  • Dual-power supplies(Passive or DC 12V)
  • Flexibility assembles, pole or mounting options
  • Solid and reliable, IP54, V0, endures large range of temp,built to last outdoors
  • Lifetime free Ruijie Cloud management
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