L2 Cloud Managed Switch
RG-NBS3200 Series L2 10G Uplink Cloud Managed Switches

Ruijie RG-NBS3200 Series Switches are the next-generation high-performance, high-security and multi-service Layer 2 Ethernet switches with gigabit and 10-gigabit ports. Adopting an efficient hardware architecture design and equipped with Ruijie's OpenWRT operating system, this switch series provides larger MAC address table size, faster hardware processing performance, and more convenient operating experience.

RG-NBS3200 series provides gigabit and 10-gigabit uplink ports. Every switch of this series offers 4 fixed 10G fiber ports with high-performance uplink capability.

RG-NBS3200 series switches provide comprehensive end-to-end QoS as well as flexible and rich security settings for small and medium-sized networks at an extremely high price-performance ratio to meet the needs of high-speed, secure and smart enterprise networks.




Put Your 10G Network Into Your Phone

  • Self-organizing Network
  • NVR/Camera Recognition
  • VLAN Configuration
    by Mobile
  • Real Time
  • Failure
  • Port Reboot


10G Switches, Easy Play

10Gbps high traffic network can all be managed by mobile phone

  • Auto-discovery and Network Self-organizing

  • Scenario-based/ visualized Configuration

  • Scenario-based/ visualized Configuration

  • Real-Topology

  • Delivery Report Generation

  • Delivery Report Generation

  • Port Level Management

  • Cable Test

  • Toolkit


Outstanding Performance Powered by the Powerful Hardware


Outstanding Performance Powered by the High-quality Components

The 6KV surge protection of the NBS3200 Series switch ports can reduce the core risk of physical malfunction for the switch by reducing the probability of being damaged by surges. The smart PoE feature of the PoE models provides safe power supply while offering mutual protection. The high-quality internal components provide powerful protection for customer’s network stability.


Outstanding Performance Powered by Wide Applications

Ideal choice for offices, commercial streets, factories, warehouses, hotels, surveillance, campuses, stadiums, etc


RG-NBS3200 is Not Just Prevailing Industry Design

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