Cloud Managed Wireless Router
RG-EG105GW Series Router Specifications

Reyee RG-EG105GW is a high-performance enterprise-grade wireless router designed for small enterprise offices, small and medium-sized stores, food and beverage industry, etc. The brushed aluminum top cover of the metal casing not only provides exquisite texture, but also shields the external interference, thereby improving the quality of signal transmission and the stability of the device.

Highlight  Features:

1. Self-organizing network  supported
2. Lifetime free cloud management
3. Multiple WAN Ports
4. Online Behavior Management
5. Single-cable IPTV 
6. Smart Flow Control


  • Dual-band
  • 802.11ac
  • 5 Spatial Streams
    5dBi Omnidirectional
  • Independent PA
    Independent LNA
100 Terminals

Equipped with Qualcomm’s powerful enterprise-grade chip, the hardcore wireless router supports 100 terminals.

Metal Material for Higher Thermal Conductivity

The heat dissipation requirement of the equipment is higher with the support of 100 terminals. RG-EG105GW adopts an aluminium top cover and SGCC hot-dip galvanized thin steel base plate, offering better heat dissipation than plastic.

  • Brushed Aluminium Top Cover
  • SGCC Hot-dip Galvanized Thin Steel Base Plate
  • Hardcore Wireless Router Made from Hardcore Materials

Self-organizing Network with APs and Switches via The Ruijie Cloud APP

Enterprise-grade Wireless Router

Equipped with AC features,
Support dual WAN routing and key service priority

  • Office

  • Restaurant

  • Ordering

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