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RG-Class Manager Rainbow Cloud Class Software

As multi-media teaching application system has been widely promoted by the Ministry of Education and many other municipal education commissions in recent years, it has been put into common use by many schools as the standard equipment of computer classrooms. It is said that a computer classroom without a multi-media teaching system is like a traditional classroom without blackboards. With a hybrid of IT technology and modern teaching concept, the multi-media teaching application system has improved the in-class interaction among students and between teachers and students compared with the traditional teaching scenarios. It will encourage students to actively participate in class, and also improve the traditional teaching and learning methods.

RG-Class Manager Rainbow is a multi-media teaching system management software that is independently developed for the in-class interactive teaching between teachers and students. As a champion-caliber teaching management software of the Cloud Classroom Solution, RG-ClassManager Rainbow equipped with state-of-the-art technologies can achieve a seamless integration with the virtual technology of Cloud Classroom. RG-Class Manager Rainbow supports the regular features of computer-based teaching, including screen sharing, students monitoring and teaching material distributing. With its simplified administration system, teachers can switch on or off the machines with one click and easily change the teaching environments. RG-Class Manager Rainbow provides teachers and students with the abilities to submit and mark the homework effortlessly.
Feature Highlights:

●Fast Switching between Teaching Environments

●High-Efficiency 1080p HD Screen Sharing

●Centralized Classroom Management

●Interactive Homework Space


Fast Switching between Teaching Environments

RG-Class Manager Rainbow achieves high-efficient switching between the diverse teaching environments, which are provided by the Cloud Class Solution. It only takes two steps to transform from a computer-based teaching environment to an audio classroom environment, and only less than 120 seconds to switch all the end devices to a new environment.

High-Efficiency 1080p HD Screen Sharing

The screen sharing guarantees a real-time and high-efficiency broadcast of content presented on the teacher’s computer, and especially ensures smooth playback of 1080p HD video. It also supports the operation of multiple teaching material and graphics processing software, in order to provide a clear view to the students with the demonstration of every step of the teachers’ operation.

Centralized Classroom Management

The centralized classroom management simplifies the one-by-one operation of PCs into a unified control of the classroom through the Cloud, enhancing the efficiency of daily administration. One simple click will initialize the control of all students’ end devices, or shutdown of the cloud server and end devices. Besides, RG-Class Manager Rainbow ensures a better education quality by a flexible switching function to control the students’ access to the Internet and their use of USBs on the computers. Meanwhile, it will also provide virus protection for the end devices.

Interactive Homework Space

Homework Space is a revolutionary tool of computer-based education, which transforms homework into something inspiring and fascinating. The simplified process of distributing and grading homework not only increases teachers’ working efficiency, but can also award the students who submit the homework first. Students achieving the best performance in their homework will receive other students’ recognition on the platform of Homework Space.


RG-Class Manager Rainbow

Key Features

Switching between Teaching Environments

Supports a variety of system images and achieve switching between different systems via the teaching management software


Supports screen, video and sound broadcasting

Virtual Hand Raising

Provides hand-raising function to indicate students’ desire to ask questions or assistance

Screen Monitoring

Monitors students’ screens to avoid students from distractions such as game playing

 One-key Startup/ Shutdown

Remotely switch on/ shut down end devices without manual operation

Screen Lock

Locks the students’ screens to ensure they focus on the class

Batch Distribution

Distributes batches of documents to all the students

Homework Management

Provides the function of assigning, distributing and grading homework, calculation of grades as well as saving

Internet Suspension

Supports a flexible on/off Internet suspension of the end devices

Restricted Use of USB

Disables the use of USBs on the end devices

Account Management

The server provides the function of account management, supporting online account creation, batch import, deletion, modification, searching and other functions


Cloud Classroom Deployment

Cloud Classroom Deployment Topology

Key Features:

With the built-in student version of RG-Class Manager Rainbow in the RG-Rain100 V2 Cloud Class terminals, the deployment of Cloud Class only requires the installation of RG-Class Manager Rainbow Teaching System on the teacher’s computer. This easy-to-manage teaching management software will ensure users with a brand new teaching and learning experience.




RG-Class Manager


Cloud Class Multimedia Teaching Management Software Rainbow, a new architecture design including assignment storage, supports screen broadcasting, student monitoring, document distribution and other common teaching features. Supports online upgrade and teaching application expansion. Contains the software and licenses of 70 Cloud Class terminals.

Related Solution Components

RG-Rain100 V2

Cloud Class Terminal with built-in Cloud Class student system and low-power high-performance x86 processor, supports 1 HDMI port, 1 VGA port, 1 USB 3.0 port and 1 10/100/1000M Ethernet port, supports VESA Mounting Interface Standard and standard Kensington lock

RG-RCD4500 V3

The Cloud Class Server, with the latest Xeon Processor E5-26XX v4, built-in virtual platform of Cloud Class, provides multiple virtual desktop teaching environments, supports cluster deployment, centralized management of multi-classrooms and switching between multiple teaching environments. (Support up to 45 virtual desktop systems)

RG-RCD6000 V3

The Cloud Class Server, with the latest Xeon Processor E5-26XX v4, built-in virtual platform of Cloud Class, provides multiple virtual desktop teaching environments, supports cluster deployment, centralized management of multi-classrooms and switching between multiple teaching environments. (Support up to 60 virtual desktop systems)


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