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  • RG-RCD Cloud Classroom Server Series

    The Cloud Class Servers, including RG-RCD4500 V3 and RG-RCD6000 V3, are the core devices of the RCC Ruijie Cloud Class Solution independently developed for computer education.
  • RG-Rain100 V2 Cloud Classroom Device

    The Ruijie RG-Rain100 V2 Cloud Class Terminal is one of the core components of the RCC Cloud Class Solution. The light and compact contemporary design of the end device creates an immaculate environment for the modern classrooms, while the diverse ports support the connection to a variety of external devices.
  • RG-Class Manager Rainbow Cloud Class Software

    As multi-media teaching application system has been widely promoted by the Ministry of Education and many other municipal education commissions in recent years, it has been put into common use by many schools as the standard equipment of computer classrooms. It is said that a computer classroom without a multi-media teaching system is like a traditional classroom without blackboards.