RG-EW1200 Series

Budget is not ready? We are ready to cover your area
RG-EW1200 x RG-EW1200G PRO

Routers Covered All Types of Floor Plan

RG-EW1200 WiFi
Enable Reyee Mesh, build up flexible multi-solutions for Your Network
Special for you, economical people and money-savors
RG-EW1200 supports Reyee Mesh, which activate numerous combinations with RG-EW1200G PRO
Offers different selections for end users based on customer’s demand (budget, performance, simplicity, etc.)
Large Size House (All PRO)
Full Gigabit ports, optimized signal,
Enterprise grade performance and cover all
types of area you designed.
Modern Residence (PRO+1200)
Keep Gigabit wideband but in low budget,
make balance between the performance and cost,
match perfectly for modern family
Economics (All EW1200)
Minimum spending to get better whole networks solution, especially a killer-solution for internet only has 100Mbps access rate but want to get full coverage of internet for sweet private space
*Reyee Mesh is developed by Ruijie Networks, designed for Mesh Router Series,
Network Technology to achieve Zero-configuration and quick extension of Wi-Fi converage
Dual-band wireless, MU-MIMO, Seamless Roaming and More
Guard the user’s daily internet experience
Dual-band Gigabit + Priority to 5G
High-Speed Internet Surfing
  • 300Mpbs in 2.4G + 867Mbps in 5G, concurrency rate could reach 1167Mbps
  • Dual-Band integration offering low interferance and fast Internet speed
802.11ac Wave2
Take Good Advantage of Broadband and boost the transmission rate
  • Wave2 standard and MU-MIMO can effectively improve the transmission efficiency and maximizes the broadband performance
Seamless Roaming Without Disconnection
Beamforming Boosted Stronger and More Reliable signal
  • The RF adjustment algorithm applied to Ruijie enterprise-grade Aps that can provide seamless roaming between the equipment and can switch fast between 2.4G and 5G while users walking around under the Wi-Fi signal coverage.Enjoy the optimal signal everywhere that EW1200 provides to you.
Enable users with over 20 features
No more PC, just one App
No doubt, open Ruijie Cloud App, all waiting for you

*All functions are partially enabled in Ruijie Cloud App, will update soon

RG-EW1200’s born, not go backward. It’s back-up
Ruijie Networks