Product Description

RG-EW1200R 1200M Dual-band Mesh Wi-Fi Extender

Home scenarios (e.g. Small/Medium-sized apartment), Budget hotel, etc



Highlight Features

  • Cover your whole home network with one-click
  • Built-in signal amplifiers,unbreakable Wi-Fi signal throughout your home
  • Three-bar signal indicator guides you to find the best spot
  • Reyee Mesh brings you unlimited signal connection everywhere you go
  • More wireless mode options, more surprise
  • Take control of your home network at your fingertips

Key Specification



Cover Your
Whole Home
with One-click

Dual-band Mesh Wi-Fi Extender

Unbreakable Wi-Fi Signal throughout Your Home

Thanks to the built-in signal amplifiers, EW1200R can penetrate more walls and expand the signal to every single corner of your home.

Three-bar Signal
Guides You to
Find the Best Spot

EW1200R clearly shows you the signal
strength and guides you the best spot
to position the repeater, while others
only give you the “Yes or No” answer.

Reyee Mesh Brings You Unlimited Signal Connection
Everywhere You Go

When the primary router is Reyee Mesh Wi-Fi series, mesh them up and enjoy the seamless network!

More Wireless Mode Options, More Surprise

WPS Mode, WISP Mode, Repeater Mode, AP Mode

Unique Design,Delicate Look

You can barely find the cuter range extender in the market than EW1200R.

Take Control of
Your Home Network
at Fingertips

Set up your home network in Reyee Router App
in two minutes. More Life-time Free functions are waiting for you to Explore, Experience, Expect.


Tips: Product information and performance will be affected by upgrade iteration, specific environment and other factors, so FAQ content is for reference only. For further information, please contact online support.
How should I set up the device at the beginning?

We highly recommend you to set up the device on eWeb by phone/laptop.

Which model can mesh up with EW1200R?

EW1200, EW1200GPRO, EW1800GXPRO, EW3200GXPRO. Please be note that EW300PRO doesn't have mesh function.

Can I turn off the indicator light?

Yes, you can turn all the light (three signal bars and the central dot) by clicking the Mesh button on the top.

Do I need to click the Mesh button on EW1200R when I set up Reyee Mesh network?
No, you don’t need to do anything on EW1200R. You can need to click the Mesh button on the Main Router.
Which mode should I choose?
When your main router is Reyee Mesh Wi-Fi Series, you can mesh EW1200R with the main router;
When your main router is the device supporting WPS function, you can choose WPS mode;
Otherwise, you can choose Repeater mode;
Can I have the roaming network when EW1200R used on WPS or Wireless Repeater mode?
We can only guarantee you seamless roaming in Reyee Mesh network. The roaming network under other mode is really up to the performance of the main router.




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