Product Description

RG-EW1200 1200M Dual-band Wireless Router

Home scenarios (e.g. Villa, Large-sized apartment, Bungalow), SOHO office, small shop, etc



Highlight Features

  • Supports 802.11ac wave2
  • 4 omnidirectional antennas provide strong wifi signal
  • Reyee Mesh builds up flexible multi-solutions for your network
  • Parental Control & Health Mode
  • Concurrently support up to 64 devices connection
  • Easy network management at your fingertips with Reyee Router App


Key Specification



is Ready for You

  • 4 Megabyte
    Ethernet ports

  • 802.11ac

Strong Signal Cover All Types of Floor Plan

4 omnidirectional antennas guarantee you efficient and stable connections

Amazed by Reyee Mesh

Build Up Flexible Multi-solutions for Your Network

Good Helper for Your
Family Management

Parental ControlHealth Mode

Ruijie Cloud App allows you to manage the internet access authority of the specified terminal, including the time limit, URL blocking and black/white list setup.

Good Helper for Your
Family Management

Parental ControlHealth Mode

The health mode limits the radiation exposure and blacks out the indicator lights for you to have a good sleep.

Concurrently Support Multiple Devices Connection

Dual-Band integration together with the MU-MIMO technology offer low interference and fast speed internet to up to 96
terminals simultaneously.

Take Control of
Your Home Network
at Fingertips

Set up your home network in Reyee Router App
in two minutes. More Life-time Free functions are waiting for you to Explore, Experience, Expect.


Tips: Product information and performance will be affected by upgrade iteration, specific environment and other factors, so FAQ content is for reference only. For further information, please contact online support.
Which model can mesh up with EW1200?

EW1200GPRO, EW1200GPRO, EW1800GXPRO, EW3200GXPRO. Please note that EW300PRO doesn't have mesh function.


What are the differences between Reyee Router App and Ruijie Cloud App?

Reyee Router App

Ruijie Cloud App

  • Management for home router
  • Management for all products
  1. To Consumer
  1. To Business
  • Unique functions for home router
  • Rich functions for enterprise-level products





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