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  • KTVME's New Smart KTV Era Powered by Ruijie

    "Life is not only about survival, but poetry and distant lands." As people in the Internet era increasingly pursue individuality and freedom of spirit, how should the KTV industry develop? How can the power of the Internet+ age be used to seek for the distant lands that represent hope for the future? On March 25, 2016, the leading brand for data communication solutions in China, Ruijie Networks, joined hands with KTVME to release the industry's first smart KTV cloud Wi-Fi solution. The solution rapidly resolves problems with current KTV wireless network construction and application, realizes user interaction via WeChat, and delivers precision marketing. It thus combines the KTV and target user groups to provide relevant and personalized services. The solution represents an important direction for the future development of the KTV industry.

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  • "i-Tianjin" China Tianjin - City WiFi Case Study

    As a key initiative for Tianjin municipal government to respond to the states requirements to improve life with IT, the i-Tianjin free Wi-Fi construction project aims to build a wireless city and provide free wireless access services so that IT infrastructure can benefit everyone.

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  • Ruijie RG-MTFi 4G AP Router Enables Free Wi-Fi Networks for Zhengzhou Railways

    Train passengers know that there is no Wi-Fi network available on the train, but their favorite pastime on journeys is to access the Internet for entertainment on their phones. Traffic usage is heartbreaking, and traffic fees are extremely costly in a business trip or travel. Now, passengers have a solution. Zhengzhou Railway Administration announced that mobile Wi-Fi devices will be installed in 1,700 trains on 87 lines to provide free Internet and add more fun to the journey.

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  • Ruijie Wireless Solution for Changsha Helong Sports Center

    The National Football Team won the match between China and South Korea in the FIFA World Cup Qualification on March 23. As the home ground of the National Football Team, Changsha Helong Sports Center was fully renovated before the match to make it a world-class venue and the lucky field for the National Football Team. With the assistance of Ruijie Networks, Changsha Helong Sports Center now has high-quality Wi-Fi coverage for the auditorium with 55,000 seats. Ruijies micro-cell stadium solution allows football fans to enjoy high-speed Internet access in Changsha Helong Sports Center.

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  • Ruijie Smart Wireless Solution for Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

    As one of the busiest airports in the southeast China, Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport has a rising global ranking in passenger throughput. It recently implemented a smart transformation. The smart airport solution provided by Ruijie Networks uses the Marketing Cloud Platform (MCP) and Ruijie Business Intelligence Analysis System (RBIS). It provides full wireless coverage for the T3 and T4 terminal buildings, so that arriving passengers can enjoy convenient, efficient and intelligent air travel services. To provide smooth Wi-Fi experience for passengers, the solution uses a smart wireless network to streamline the online and offline service chain, which is also the core of the smart airport strategy implemented by Xiamen IPORT Group.

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