On August 28, 2023, Ruijie Networks and Adel Abdulaziz Alquraishi Est (AAAQ) from Saudi Arabia held a grand "New Distributor Celebration" event at Braira Hotel Qurtubah. This event marks a new stage in the cooperation between the two parties.
During the event, Lin Yang, the General Manager of Ruijie Networks' Global Enterprise Business Middle East Region, and Saud, the General Manager of Adel Abdulaziz Alquraishi Est, personally attended and participated in the signing ceremony of an important Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation.
The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding will bring closer cooperation between the two parties and lay a solid foundation for their business development in the Middle East region.
At the celebration event, attendees also learned about Ruijie Networks' latest products and technologies and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with experts in the field. This event not only showcased Ruijie Networks' innovation capabilities and strength but also provided valuable cooperation opportunities for enterprises in the Middle East region.
Through this "New Distrib Celebration" event, Ruijie Networks and AAAQ further deepened their cooperation relationship and brought new development opportunities to the network industry in the Middle East region. As a leading global network solution provider, Ruijie Networks will work together with AAAQ to provide high-quality network products, solutions, and services to customers in the Middle East region, promoting further development of the network industry in the Middle East.