HONG KONG, 18 July 2013 - The industry-based IT applications are increasing their importance in business. As the hotel networking infrastructure is different from other industries in the aspects of visitors’ applications and internal security, tailored-made solutions are needed to cater for hotel networking construction. Based on the needs of dynamic hotel solutions, Ruijie held Hotel Solution Luncheon on Jun 25, 2013 with PC3 Magazine. The highlight of the event is to provide specified hotel solutions to handle the needs of hotel’s visitors and guests.

In the event, Mr. William Ho - Regional Head of Product Manager and Mr. Fizz Leung - Senior Sales Manager of Ruijie Networks presented on Ruijie Hospitality Solution including the latest WLAN products and unified management with the corresponding values to end-users. Also, a brief introduction of Ruijie BYOD Solutions had been introduced to give an impressive idea on the customers.

 Mr. William Howas presenting Ruijie Hospitality Solution

Mr. Fizz Leung was sharing in the discussion session

Mr. William Ho, Mr. Fizz Leung and Mr. Benjamin Chan (IT Pro Chief Editor) held a sharing and discussion session during the event, which raised the event atmosphere to the top. Many of the end-users thought the event gave them lots of innovative ideas and provided different scope during the discussion time. The event is ended in a fervent discussion with end-users’ favorable comment.