As Ruijie is the only one network equipment manufacturers to participate in the preparation of the "digital campus integrated solutions” with NCET (National Center For Educational Technology) which was published in April 2013, part of the network infrastructure provided guidance on the standards in vocational digital campus network planning, construction standards in national primary and secondary schools which could effectively broaden digital campus construction.

The book pursuit educational applications of information technology and implemented the "Decade of Education Informatization Development Plan (2011-2020)" for digital campus building programs which promoted the development of information technology in education process for medium and small schools. It helped the application of information technology and digital campus solutions, equipment, resources and practices. Besides, it made a contribution on the balanced development of regional education and raised the general quality of education, teaching models as well as implementing the changes of the educational modernization in basic education.

The characteristics of Ruijie’s 3 + N +1 Digital Campus solutions including highly mature, easy expansion, easy management, high security and easy application were included in the book. The book provided readers with the ideas of basic network platform, public authentication platform, operational and maintenance support platform, single sign-on unified information portal and other network-related solutions and products. The High School attached to Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Middle School, Chang Chun Mechanical Industrial School and more than ten thousand schools in nationwide used Ruijie’s overall solution in digital campus which relies on intelligent management and intelligent security involving the different business types, network environment, business needs and the application of unified deployment of the resources, it met the schools’ application successfully and at the same time, schools could also process resource management system for effective monitoring, automatic adjustment for a variety of network-centric security incidents, automatic attack identification and appropriate safety strategy programs to ensure uninterrupted operations running smoothly. Ultimately, it could greatly enhance the operational efficiency of the campus network.