BEIJING, 9 June 2013 - Ruijie Networks, China’s leading network solutions provider, announced recently that, with the Simply-Smart network solutions highlighted in unprecedented technologies including the industry first “one-device-one-network” technical application and a series of wireless application solutions, Ruijie Networks raised great interests from the delegates, ELV (Extra Low Voltage) product suppliers, and research institutes in the 2013 Smart Building Development Summit (Smart Building Summit for short) recently held in Beijing in the honor of the 10th anniversary of smart building branch of the China Construction Industry Association (CCIA). 
In the Smart Building Summit, Ruijie also won multiple awards including outstanding national brand and top ten innovative brands of smart building industry. The widely used RG-S12000, RG-S8600, RG-S5700, and RG-S2600 series switches and WLAN products have been rated as quality products of the smart building industry. The honors that Ruijie won in the Smart Building Summit fully demonstrate that Ruijie complete end-to-end products and solutions catering to the trend of unified IP transmission of smart buildings have become a new hotspot in the smart building industry.
This year is the 10th anniversary of the smart building branch of CCIA. The Summit with the theme "Building Smart Cities Based on Smart Buildings" attracted a number of experts and more than a thousand professionals in the industry to hold in-depth discussions on future development and applications of smart buildings.
Smart cities bring hopes about the future to people. How to build smart cities through intelligent and information development and make people's life easier and more convenient? This is a big challenge for the smart building industry evolving from merely concepts to an emerging industry in the nearly 20 years. With people’s increasing demands for safe, comfortable, and efficient living and working environments, smart buildings are undergoing rapid network and IP development; the ELV product suppliers confront unprecedented challenges in the aspects of terminal devices, unified communications networks, and intelligent and integrated management. Especially in the field of innovative IT technologies, how to design dual-network integration and control risks while assuring key services of users? How to assure smoothness of wireless networks based on appropriate network architecture and performance? How to achieve simple and convenient IT management? 
To solve the preceding "ice-breaking" problems, Dr. Jiang Hongjie, Deputy General Manager of Ruijie products and solutions marketing department, introduced the Simply-Smart Network Solution in the Summit: As a first-line national brand adapting to the international market, Ruijie Networks have the responsibility to work with ELV product suppliers and design institutes to tackle these challenges. Through the cooperation between the marketing and R&D teams, discussions on numerous seminars and field investigations, as well as support from 30 experts of design institutes and 50 ELV solution system integrators, Ruijie ultimately unveiled a series of brand new solutions and products with ELV characteristics. With the solutions and products, the network design of smart buildings becomes smarter and the work of ELV solution system integrators and design institutes becomes simpler. 
The Simply-Smart network solutions are highly acclaimed by experts present in the Summit due to the following strengths: 
1. The “one-device-one-network” design places the modules of the core switch in front so that access and convergence switches do not need to be configured, simplifying the whole-network design, construction, and maintenance of smart buildings. 
2. The products that are designed for open area and corridor-style dense rooms and the Wall AP that replace the traditional wireless AP effectively solve the problems of wireless network signal coverage, anti-interference, and signal stability, and simplify the design and construction of wireless networks. 
3. Visualized management of IT resources supplements IT operation and maintenance of smart buildings.
Through continuous product innovation and intensive market penetration, Ruijie harvested solutions involving the industries of finance, government, education, hotel, healthcare, enterprise, and Internet. By closely working with device manufacturers and ELV solution system integrators in smart building subsystems, Ruijie sees an increasing number of users in the smart building field. Ruijie provides products and services for all wireless networks deployed in the University of International Business and Economics, which has the Asia-largest single-building dormitory, and the wireless networks deployed in Children's Palace of Beijing, where Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping visited before the Children’s Day.