BEIJING, 29 May 2013 - Currently, walking in the streets of Beijing City, China Mobile users can access the Internet over mobile WLAN networks at any time upon the sight of "CMCC" (China Mobile) LOGOs. Mobile WLAN services are available at the Capital Airport, Starbucks, China Mobile sales outlets, upscale office buildings, and universities. WLAN coverage for bus lines and subways are also under construction. Ruijie Networks, as one of the suppliers of China Mobile in Beijing, plays a significant role.
Ruijie Networks, China's leading network solution provider, announced recently that, with a full set of industry-leading WLAN access solutions, Ruijie won the China Mobile Group's recognition again and became their most trusted partner. In early 2013, China Mobile unveiled a new round of WLAN construction bidding and, among the 42 units of Access Controller (AC) devices under bidding, Ruijie Networks are qualified to provide 34 units, over 80% share with value exceeding RMB 10 millions. In the long-term cooperation with China Mobile, Ruijie, with superior support services and industry-leading product portfolios, effectively guarantees the construction progress and the quality of WLAN networks of China Mobile in Beijing and other major cities, laying solid groundwork for dominance of China Mobile in the mobile WLAN market.
We are very pleased to obtain more than 80% shares and very grateful to the trust of management team of China Mobile, said Cai Wei, Ruijie Networks wireless product director. After two months of continuous communication, our product performance and service attitude are highly recognized by China Mobile. To ensure timely delivery, Ruijie Networks coordinates at all levels to rapidly respond to the needs of China Mobile. Test engineers actively cooperate in the self-test to verify the software version and eventually ensure that the AC performance meets the strict requirements of China Mobile. Ruijie studies customer needs at all levels from deployment to management and timely coordinates with the R&D department to ensure consistency with customer demands.
In centralized procurement of provincial branches of China Mobile, four aspects including product technology, post evaluation, integrated strength, and services are assessed. The transparency of centralized procurement and strict assessment norms fully demonstrate Ruijie’s strength in all aspects and excellent performance in after-sales services during the previous cooperation with China Mobile. 
In the bidding, Ruijie AC products adopted the latest intelligent terminal identification and the Air-time Fairness (ATF) technologies. The built-in portal server can identify the terminal type based on the terminal characteristics and adaptively display portal authentication pages matching different sizes and page patterns. With the intelligent terminal identification technology, users do not need to adjust the screen and can obtain smarter experience. The technology supports mainstream operating systems including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows.  Ruijie wireless access AP provides the same access time for terminals compliant with IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11n. This successfully solves the problems of access delay, slow speed, and poor AP performance due to old WLAN cards or long distance away from the AP. 
China Mobile rides in the inevitable trend of mobile broadband services, and the mass data traffic asks for more superior performance and stable operation of AC products to guarantee good online experience. Ruijie’s WLAN solutions are designed based on industry-leading local forwarding technologies and have completely eliminated the wireless controller traffic bottlenecks, better adapting to the multi-user high-traffic transmission requirements of Wi-Fi network in hotspots and bringing optimal network experience to China Mobile users.