BEIJING, 24 April - Recently, China Network World, a leading IT magazine in China, has released the result of the 2012 Product & Solution selection. Ruijie’s recently launched Wireless AP RG-AP530 won the title of the 2012 Innovative Wireless AP Product thanks to its innovative technology and outstanding performance. This title has fully proven Ruijie's leadership in wireless product innovation and user experience. 
With popularization of portable devices and mobile networks, wireless devices will find wider use as a key component for supporting enterprise applications. With rocketing demands for high-bandwidth applications, Ruijie RG-AP530 has been released to address higher requirements for user experience with wireless access.
Based on its active and intelligent features, RG-AP530 adopts 802.11ac, the next-generation WiFi standard, enjoys outstanding zero dead-zone coverage, full access performance, and anti-interference capabilities with a maximum access rate of 1.75 Gbps per AP. The RG-AP530 is also equipped with the X-sense antenna, the latest innovation of Ruijie Networks, to improve the number of antenna arrays, dynamic algorithms and device identification to comprehensively outperform traditional products. It can triple wireless signal strength at most to ensure that signals can be well received anywhere within coverage. Moreover, the X-sense can perform 300 times of signal path switching to the mobile device in a millisecond.
Operating at dual bands of 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz, the RG-AP530 provides a wireless bandwidth of 1,750 Mbps when dual-band modes are enabled, achieving outstanding access performance. Each RG-AP530 enables 100 users to simultaneously access a network, doubling the number of access users supported by traditional 802.11n AP.
Thanks to innovative technologies, Ruijie RG-AP530 meets new demands for wireless network development and outperforms peers in terms of both access performance and network optimization. Given this, the product was awarded the 2012 Innovative Wireless AP Product title and strongly recommended as preferred wireless product for enterprises by China Network World.