Exam Code:   E7212
Purpose: This examaims to assess whether candidates master the teaching standards of  RCNA courses.
Related Certificates: RAI-RCNA

Test Type:   Oral Defense
Price:  USD $160
Enrollment Prerequisite:   C8211 score >= 80% within the last 12 months.
Exam Duration:   90 minutes
Number of Questions:   Absent
Question Type:   Absent

Examiner:  Ruijie networks
Enrollment Method:   This subject is examined periodically be Ruijie. For how to enter for the training, consult the local office or authorized training center of Ruijie networks.
Exam Policy:   Click Exam Policy and Exam Requirements.

Knowledge Points:

  • Understanding and expression for technical fundamentals
  • Design and demonstration for some technology
  • Judgment and explanation for some technology